Names that mean immortal, beautiful, or handsome

I know this is an unusual request but if you have any good ideas for gilr and boy names that fit one of those qualifications, I loved to hear them.

[name]Ambrose[/name] (b)- Latin, “immortal one”
[name]Amarantha[/name] (g)- Greek, botanical name. In myth the plant is immortal.
Athanase (b) - French, “immortal, eternal”
[name]Emrys[/name] (b)- Welsh version of [name]Ambrose[/name].

[name]Astrid[/name] (g) - Scandinavian, “divinely beautiful”
[name]Belle[/name] (g) - French, “beautiful”
[name]Beau[/name] (b) - French, “handsome”
[name]Calista[/name] (g) - Greek, “most beautiful”
[name]Cullen[/name] (b) - Irish/Gaelic, “handsome”
[name]Jamal[/name] (b) - Arabic, “handsome”
[name]Kevin[/name] (b) - Irish/Gaelic, “handsome beloved”
[name]Rana[/name] (g) - Arabic, “beautiful, eye-catching”. Also means “regal”.