Names without nicknames

I am not a fan of nicknames and a lot of the names I like have nicknames that I just couldn’t take (e.g. [name]Gus[/name] for [name]Augustus[/name]/[name]August[/name]).

Any suggestions on names that don’t come requisite with a nn?

The ones on our list that fit this so far are:


Whoops, forgot that these are on the list, too:


I like the word “[name]Remy[/name]” but am not sure if I like it as a name.

I like your name list! Here are some other names without nick names that come to mind:


I like your list, but here’s a few more.

Some of these could conceivably have a nickname ([name]Ollie[/name], [name]Jules[/name], etc.), but I don’t think that they are names that people would automatically shorten without the encouragement of the parents or child

Thanks you all! I am going to share these with (picky) DH. Really appreciate it.

Here’s a Nameberry list on the subject:

I also like [name]Tate[/name] and [name]Felix[/name]! :slight_smile:



Thanks, everyone! I like being able to give as many options as possible.

And great link! I thought I had read all of the lists but apparently I Have missed some :slight_smile:

[name]Liam[/name] is a nickname. As long as you’re cool with that.

I am ok with it as it would be a way to honor all the “[name]Williams[/name]” in my family without using the name “[name]William[/name].” I would like to name DS
“[name]William[/name]” and call him “[name]Liam[/name]” but DH is not crazy about this idea as he thinks that nicknames should happen more organically.

He might change his mind though as we would be the first generation in [name]SEVEN[/name] to not name the first-born son [name]William[/name]. DH likes tradition so we will see.