My grandma’s name was Rugeina; she died before I was born, and Rugeina is also my middle name (it was almost my first name, so I have a bit of a love affair with the name). I never met my grandma but I’ve always felt extremely close to her, and I’d like to incorporate her name into my future daughter’s name (if I ever have a daughter). I love the name [name]Regina[/name], but I’m not exactly fond of the spelling Rugeina.

[name]Do[/name] you think changing the spelling from Rugeina to [name]Regina[/name] would somehow take away from honoring my grandma or am I just over thinking it?

Thanks, [name]Cheyann[/name].

I think that’s fine. It still has the meaning behind it to you so if you prefer [name]Regina[/name] over Rugeina (I do agree btw!) then go for it!
Good luck, [name]Minnie[/name]

I agree with Minuette, it still honours her, and I prefer the [name]Regina[/name] spelling. I think the other spelling might cause some confusion with people.
Good luck! :slight_smile: