Naming after an Allen or!!!

My grandfather was named [name]Allen[/name]. His name back in Poland’s shtetel and then ghetto was Alte Fishel, which literally translated to Old [name]Fish[/name], because he was the last of 9 born and it was the town joke or something. I am not a fan of the name [name]Allen[/name] however, but wanted to honor him with a similar name if we have a boy. My other grandfather was [name]Isadore[/name], and [name]Ezra[/name] in Hebrew, but we called him [name]Izzy[/name].

Any ideas for naming after these names?

I like [name]Ezra[/name], but it was vetoed by my husband. :cry:

The only “A” names I like are [name]Alex[/name] and [name]Adam[/name] and those are my brother and brother-in-law’s names! I’d prefer to name our child after my grandfather [name]Allen[/name] because he was much more of an influential presence in my life.


Would you consider using [name]Allen[/name] in honor of your grandfather in the middle? In my opinion, it’s a much stronger honor to use his actual name in the middle rather than using a similar one or one that has the same inital in the first slot. Otherwise, names similar to [name]Allen[/name] or [name]Isadore[/name] could be [name]Alistair[/name] or [name]Dorian[/name].

What about using a name that means the same thing as [name]Allen[/name]? [name]Allen[/name] means “hansome, cheerful.”

Boys names that mean “handsome” or “cheerful” (or both):

Also, have you considered using [name]Allen[/name] as a middle name?

Same deal for [name]Isadore[/name]. It means “gift of [name]Isis[/name].”

Boys names that mean “Gift”:
[name]Dorek[/name] (this actually means “gift of [name]Isis[/name]”, too)

Of course there are more names with these meanings. If the idea of a name with the same meaning as [name]Allen[/name] or [name]Isadore[/name] appeals to you you can look into it some more but hopefully these will give you some ideas.

I have a grandfather [name]Allen[/name], too. This is a tough one!

First off, I agree with Gwensmom. If you want to carry on the name, using the name as it is as a middle name is a good option.

But if you really want a first name that somehow ties in, here are at least a few other options:

  • [name]Alain[/name] (French for [name]Allen[/name]?)
  • [name]Albert[/name] (nn [name]Bertie[/name]?)
  • [name]Alfred[/name] (nn [name]Freddie[/name]? or [name]Alfie[/name]?)
  • [name]Alastair[/name]?
  • [name]Alton[/name]?

Good luck …

[name]How[/name] about [name]Alec[/name]? It is my one and only suggestion.