Naming Children Old Names??? +Poll

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  • Old Names: 21 (95%)
  • New Names: 1 (5%)

The thing with names is that some old names (ones that have been around forever) can sound quite modern like [name]Naomi[/name] and some modern names may become dated quite quickly like [name]Jason[/name] and [name]Jennifer[/name] because they’re associated too specifically to a certain decade (like the 80s).

My own personal preference is for old fashioned names (or at least names that were most popular in the 30s/40s/50s).

Of course you can always have the best of both worlds by picking an old fashioned name like [name]Elizabeth[/name] and using a more modern nickname like [name]Beth[/name].

^ Good points!

I’m drawn to religious names for boys, I find, and they tend to be quite old lol
I love [name]Gabriel[/name] the most, and its Arabic equivalent Jibrael/Jibreel. [name]Noah[/name] is a close second.

For girls, I like older names but because my husband and I are from different cultures, its more important that the names work cross-culturally and have good meanings. [name]Amalia[/name] is my current girl favourite- it was popular during the 1900-1940’s from what I’ve tracked so it is vintage, and I have yet to meet a little girl named [name]Amalia[/name] so at least in our circle, its something new.
I also love [name]Rio[/name] for a little girl.