naming from the past

Would you guys ever give your baby from a former lover or close friend? Wether yas are on decent out bad terms, just curious. Not saying your naming after them but example you liked the name of a old flame or best friend & yous no longer speak but thats the only association… you have would you not be able to pursue the name?

No. A child deserves a fresh name without all the baggage of failed romance or bitter feelings.

Hm…maybe. I know a name like this for me is [name_f]Veronica[/name_f] - I had a bad elementary school association with it, but I still like the name. Plus that was elementary school, so not something recent. I think I would a) have to really really like the name and b) have the memory be eons away.

I’d only give a baby a name that I had positive associations with.

I have the names of several close friends at or near the top of my list, but only because those people would (or did, in the case of the deceased) set an excellent example for my child. Some of them I don’t speak to anymore, but that has more to do with logistics than any kind of personal issue.