Naming Help For Modern Supernatural

In the story I am writing, there is a role I’m having a hard time putting a name to. He’s an antagonist.

The character is a handler of sorts, keeping track of and giving orders to ‘agents’ who are blackmailed supernatural beings. He’s the same ‘Dickhead handler who takes advantage of those he’s tasked with giving orders to’ in the ‘has them kill people he just doesn’t want to deal with’ sort of taking advantage.

I basically just want a name that emulates the feeling of a beast tamer or something to that effect, yet fits into a modern setting. He sees himself as taming and utilizing these people he considers less than human, while each one could easily kill him if it wasn’t for their families/homes being threatened.

He’s a forty-something Caucasian man who wears sunglasses indoors with short blonde hair.

I would [name_u]LOVE[/name_u] some input on names from the folks on this site, as he’s gone without a name for MONTHS now (I haven’t gotten to the point in the story he shows up in, so it’s fine).

Edit: The few ideas come from a more hunter theme, but it doesn’t quite fit. His working name currently is ‘Agent Holter’.