Naming my novel: Vote!

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Respondents: 24 (This poll is closed)

  • Sword of Avi’or : 3 (13%)
  • Secret of the Magi : 14 (58%)
  • Sword of Soterion: 7 (29%)

If I’m being honest, none of these names would really grab me enough to pick up the book. Novel names beginning with ‘Sword of…’ or ‘[name]Secret[/name] of…’ are just too mainstream for fantasy novels. Perhaps you should try a different tactic when naming your novel. Good luck!

I voted Sword of Soterion; it’s got the alliteration there. But I agree with nikitaj360 that it’s too mainstream. :slight_smile:

[name]Secret[/name] of the [name]Magi[/name] makes me think of another popular tale, the Gift of the [name]Magi[/name]. So I’d steer clear of that one.

Could you give us a little synopsis of your novel?