Nap Tips (6 months old)! 💤

Hello, parents! :wave:t3:

I’m here today with a curious search for inspiration. I’m not a parent, but I’m a nanny for two little girls. Their mother has just returned to work after maternity leave, and I’m going to be spending a lot more time with the family’s littlest girl in addition to their two-year-old.

N (aged 6 months) has a simple nap time routine: change diaper, zip into sleep sack, feed, {relax}, then place in her crib.

What I’m here for is ideas for the vague {relax} step in the schedule. Her mother sings a quick 30 song, and that’s it. It works for mom’s busy work days, and baby N does love music. N’s other nanny (who works the days I’m at university) has a longer routine of dimming lights, playing music, and giving N a little tummy massage. I’m a singer, so I’ll plan to sing to her, dim the lights, give her little rubs… to keep her schedule as familiar as possible. I think all that sounds just lovely, but I wanted to post here and see what other pre-nap routines and pieces of routines have worked for you berries and your babies. Any special tips and tricks? Any movements or motions that have helped your babies fall into sleep peacefully?

Thanks for your help and for reading. I’m eager to read your replies! :ribbon:

I’ve found the following to help in general:

-Gradually talking more quietly, slowly and soothingly.
-Stroking down baby’s forehead and onto their nose with one finger or whole hand (sometimes it prolongs their increasingly long blinks and encourages eye-closing. Though I’ll warn you some babbas don’t like this at all! Maybe they find it too tickly.)
-If baby is looking at you, make long, slow blinks to mirror/encourage their sleepiness. Babies don’t want to miss out so if they think you’re going to sleep too, that can help settle them!
-Stroking their hair.

This doesn't sound like the plan but if needing to soothe them in the crib, rather than leaving them to drop off on their own

-Patting their back, chest, leg, arm or tummy, varying the pace/rhythm whilst they lay down (I think it gives them some sensory feedback so they don’t try to get up/start playing).

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Thank you so so much for these warm tips. I’m excited to try humming and slow blinks in particular. How lovely… I’d like I be put to sleep those ways myself, some days. :wink:

I’ve found this totally helpful with a handful of kiddos I’ve babysat for—three sweetie toddlers in particular. I’ll surely give this one a go!

I so appreciate your reply!

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I’d take relax as reading a book. It’s calming but also good for their language development.

A lovely idea! I do sometimes read with her, and I think she’d take well to a little story.

with our second we’ve paired down our pre nap to sitting in a quiet room (with some soft white noise) reading a short story, than laying her down in her sleep sack.

I know a lot of parents use white noise to help babies fall asleep! It can be very calming, and with the mixture off dim lights and a sleep sack, will remind baby of her time in the womb, slight rocking can also help! Lots of people have white noise machines, but you can also find videos on YouTube that will work :blush:

These are awesome! She does have a white noise machine that she totally loves. Paired with quiet song went great today—and I’ll have to try a book tomorrow. :relaxed: