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Respondents: 24 (This poll is closed)

  • Cason David: 4 (17%)
  • Canaan David: 4 (17%)
  • Cianan David: 16 (67%)

I voted for Cianan, as I have always liked this name, however I think you may have people mispronouncing it as [name]CY[/name]-nan…so I would spell it [name]Keenan[/name].

I really like Cianan, but I’ve never seen it spelled that way. I would have pronounced it key-an-an or see-an-an. As long as you don’t mind most people pronouncing it wrong at first, I’d say it’s a good choice. I think I might like [name]Keenan[/name] better though.

I vote for [name]Keenan[/name]…

I like Cianan [name]David[/name] McReynolds a lot. [name]Cason[/name] sounds a little trendy and [name]Canaan[/name] is too biblical for me. [name]Love[/name] that you’re looking to use the original spelling as well.

I like both [name]Canaan[/name] and Cianan but with the spelling as Cianan it would probably get mispronounced.