Narrowed the first name down to 2, help with middle name!

Ok… First name will either be [name]Audrey[/name] or [name]Sierra[/name]…

Our last name is Vu. The criteria for [name]Audrey[/name]'s middle name is that it has to start with a K. There is no criteria for [name]Sierra[/name]… just needs to flow well with our last name. Ready, set, go!

I don’t really care for [name]Sierra[/name]. There’s something about its sound that doesn’t appeal to me.

Some K middle names that sound nice:

[name]Audrey[/name] [name]Kendall[/name] Vu
[name]Audrey[/name] [name]Katherine[/name] Vu
[name]Audrey[/name] [name]Kirsten[/name] Vu
[name]Audrey[/name] [name]Katarina[/name] Vu
[name]Audrey[/name] [name]Kayla[/name] Vu -[name]Kayla[/name]'s a little too DOOL for me, but I added it because I like the flow

I’m going to vote for [name]Audrey[/name] [name]Katherine[/name] Vu. :slight_smile:

Good luck! :slight_smile:

[name]Sierra[/name] is not my favorite either. I live in northern [name]California[/name] where we have the [name]Sierra[/name] mountains so the name is heard here quite a bit. I would have liked it more had it not been so popular here. I like nature/place names a lot.

[name]Audrey[/name] Korrine Vu
[name]Audrey[/name] [name]Keaton[/name] Vu
[name]Audrey[/name] [name]Kallista[/name] Vu
[name]Audrey[/name] [name]Kalina[/name] Vu
[name]Audrey[/name] [name]Karmen[/name] Vu
[name]Audrey[/name] [name]Katrina[/name] Vu
[name]Audrey[/name] [name]Kira[/name] Vu
[name]Audrey[/name] [name]Karina[/name] Vu

I second [name]Jill[/name]:
[name]Audrey[/name] [name]Katherine[/name] Vu
[name]Love[/name] your last name!

I love [name]Audrey[/name], but I don’t like [name]Sierra[/name] at all.

[name]Audrey[/name] [name]Kaia[/name]
[name]Audrey[/name] [name]Katharine[/name]
[name]Audrey[/name] [name]Kinga[/name]
[name]Audrey[/name] [name]Kalina[/name]

[name]Audrey[/name] [name]Katherine[/name] Vu is very pretty! VERY Hepburn though. I don’t know if that is an issue for you, might be a plus, since both of those actresses are very glamorous! Good luck!

[name]Audrey[/name] Vu is lovely. lovely, lovely. I wouldn’t even think about [name]Sierra[/name].

[name]Audrey[/name] [name]Katherine[/name] is the obvious pairing and it works so well with Vu.

[name]Audrey[/name] [name]Katherine[/name] Vu.

[name]Sierra[/name] is not my personal cup of tea… but I think a slight change to [name]Sienna[/name] makes it beautiful.

But out of the two, I vote [name]Audrey[/name] [name]Katherine[/name] as well.