Natalie vs. Natasha

I’m trying to decide between these two but can’t determine which one I like better.

Natalie feels more me, it fits my usual preppy and pretty kind of style, and it’s familiar and not really as tied to one generation, but I do hear it more often than some of my other favourites, because I work with children.

Natasha has typically been my favourite of the two over the years, I love that it’s a bit different nowadays and isn’t heard often, and being tied to the 80s doesn’t bother me too much (Courtney, Stephanie, Heather and Kelly are all under consideration on my list), but I really dislike the nn Tasha.

Which one do you like better? While I like Natalia, it really doesn’t feel very “me”.

  • Natalie
  • Natasha

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Thanks! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I think i prefer Natasha- it has a rough and tumble element while also feeling feminine still

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I think both are nice but I’ve always preferred Natasha. It sounds more interesting to me and it’s not as common as Natalie.

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I prefer Natalie, both in general and for you. If you don’t like Tasha, you can tell people when she’s younger that it’s Natasha, not Tasha. But if she decides to reinvent herself in middle school or something and wants to go by Tasha, will that bother you?

I’ve always had a soft spot for Natalie. It’s one of the first names I remember liking, way back in 1st grade.

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I grew up with a lot of Natalies, so the name kind of lost its charm for me. I love Natasha though, I think it’s beautiful! I also dont think you’d need to use the nn Tasha if you don’t like it, you can just use Natasha all the time instead.
However, that’s just a personal preference, and you seem like you really like Natalie. I think you should go with your heart, and choose the name you love most!

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I like both, but Natasha is slightly more romantic & bohemian to me (I love names with -a endings). If you don’t like nn Tasha, you could use nn Nat, Nash, Ash, or Asha (ash/asha have Hebrew roots meaning happy). Even Shay could work going off the “sha” ending.

Whatever you decide, both are lovely

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Thank you! I think I may stay with Natalie, as it does feel more “me” than Natasha does, and I honestly probably would be a bit bothered if I had a Natasha who one day wanted to go by Tasha, because of how much I dislike the nickname.

Thank you all for the feedback! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I voted for Natalie. Both are nice names but I like Natalie that little bit more.

This is a tough one… Natalie feels much sweeter and kind of girly, but I really think anyone could wear it. It feels the slightest bit dated, but it doesn’t bother me. I will always associate Natasha with the Marvel character, so it feels much stronger, and kind of warrior princess-y. I guess it really depends on what you’re going for, but I personally prefer Natalie.

Hope this helps!

Hmmm it’s close! They’re both such beautiful names it’s hard to pick.
I like the full name “Natasha” better than the full name “Natalie”, however I prefer the nickname “Tali” to “Tash”.
I’ve never met a bad Natasha though. All Natashas seem to be lovely :blush:

I much prefer Natasha. I have only met one (not even from the US). It seems like there’s a different Natalie everywhere I go – all high school aged or older – so it’s very dated and overused, imho.