Natalya and Natasha

These are the two most recent ideas of mine.
[name]Natalya[/name] [name]Charlotte[/name]
[name]Natasha[/name] (nn [name]Sasha[/name]) [name]Charlotte[/name]

What kind of girls do you picture with these names? What are your thoughts on the names in general.
Any second middle name ideas?

I prefer [name]Natalya[/name] over [name]Natasha[/name] with the mn [name]Charlotte[/name], but I’m sorry to say I’m not a fan of either. With both of these names I sort of see a rich brunette girl who isn’t stuck up, but does get just about everything she wants. Not sure why… Have you considered [name]Natalia[/name]? Unless, of course, you’re pronouncing [name]Natalya[/name] like [name]Natalia[/name], I was thinking [name]Nuh[/name]-taal-ee-uh, but now that I look at it it could swing [name]Nat[/name]-uh-lee-uh. Sorry for my random tangent-ness…

I nixed [name]Natalia[/name] for various reasons.
[name]Natalya[/name] is prn Nah-[name]Tal[/name]-Yuh, in my head if that clears up anything. :slight_smile:

I know the cutest little 3 year old ever named [name]Natalya[/name] ([name]Natalia[/name]) she is super cute and sassy!
That makes me love the name…

I don’t like the flow of [name]NataSHa[/name] [name]CHarlotte[/name] because the “SH” sounds are too close together. But [name]Natalya[/name] [name]Charlotte[/name] is lovely! And of course [name]Natasha[/name] is really a nickname for [name]Natalya[/name]/[name]Natalia[/name], so you could easily still nickname her [name]Natasha[/name] if you want to.

(I pronounce [name]Natalia[/name] and [name]Natalya[/name] just about the same – na-TALL-ya, and I don’t have a strong preference for spelling. [name]Natalya[/name] looks more distinctly Russian to me.)

I prefer [name]Natalya[/name] (though I like [name]Natalie[/name] better personally). For [name]Natasha[/name] i picture a very mean blond girl. Beautiful, but cruel. (This may just be because I knew a [name]Latasha[/name] who was horrible, but that is the image I get for the name.)