Navarone, Navaro, Tyrone what kind of guy do you think they would be?

Navaro, [name]Navarone[/name] and [name]Tyrone[/name] what images do they conjure up for you if you were to use them for a son?


I know a [name]Tyrone[/name]. He’s the most beautiful little boy ever - mixed heritage with lots of black curly hair but he’s a little scamp!

My cousin is [name]Navarro[/name]. He lives in a rural area so people often mispronounce it. They say “nava (rhymes with Napa)-row”, instead of “nuh-VAR-o”. He goes by an unrelated nn.

Never heard of [name]Navarone[/name]. Is it “nava-rown”?

[name]Tyrone[/name] is OK. I prefer the more Irish pronunciation “tur-rown”. I’d spell it [name]Terone[/name] but I believe the proper anglicized spelling is Tirowen. I also like [name]Tyron[/name] “ty-run” or [name]Tiron[/name]/Teiron “teer-un”

When you look up the name [name]Tyrone[/name] it says it is of Irish origins, but I have only ever heard it on African Americans. Very strange because the cultures are so different.
I have never heard Navaro or [name]Navarone[/name], but I kind of like them.

[name]Tyrone[/name] I picture a brown eyed boy with curls, always getting into trouble, but honest and with good intentions, always willing to help others.
Navaro I picture a wide eyed, curious child, a little explorer, always looking to learn more about everything.
[name]Navarone[/name] is such a similar name, but I picture him to be less soft spoken and more rambunctious, the child everyone wants to see and play with.

[name]Love[/name] your descriptions I would use all of them with such great descriptions!