NB Chooses My Top 25 Combos Created via BNG's Part 1A: Dice/Story Based CAF's (Part 3) (CLOSED)

Here is the final part of part 1A! Part 1B will consist of my combos from classic CAF’s.

On some occations, I may have used variations of some names or combos in different games. I tried not to repeat the combos that I used multiple times again.

*Signora is an Italian name, it is pronounced like “Señora”, but with the “e” switched to “i”.
*Giulia is the Italian variant of Julia.

  • Gabriela Frances

  • Elizabeth Eden

  • Helga Philippa

  • Katherine Yvette

  • Fianna Meredith

  • Lauren Tamera

  • Davina Lulit

  • Annika Phoebe

  • Briar Holly

  • Natalie Vera

  • Arden Penelope

  • Astoria Elaine

  • Signora Judy

  • Meghan Giulia

  • Gabrielle Vona

  • Uma Theresa

  • Colleen Delta

  • Kasia Bonita

  • Hannah Macy

  • Wendy Meghan

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  • Galleria Hope

  • Felicity Raya

  • Charlize Makena

  • Madeline Alma

  • Delphine Alicia

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