Need a name for #4

I’m having the hardest time finding a name for our fourth baby (a girl). I just do not seem to overly like any names! [name]Even[/name] the names that I liked just 2 years ago, I no longer care for.

We like unique (not top 500, not top 1000 is even better) names, so far we have a trend of using old english surnames but that wasn’t intentional and it doesn’t need to continue.

Here’s our current kids names:

[name]Son[/name]: [name]Logan[/name]
[name]Son[/name]: [name]Ransom[/name]
Daughter: [name]Everly[/name]

I have toyed with [name]Verity[/name] as a name but DH doesn’t like it… he on the other hand likes [name]Wesley[/name] (for a girl) or Homily but I"m not a fan of either of those.

Any suggestions?

I like [name]Fern[/name] it is seldom used but very very nice.



Since your daughter is [name]Everly[/name] I would avoid using another name ending in “lee” at risk of sounding to matchy

I love the name [name]Waverly[/name]. Very pretty and rarely used.

Other suggestions:

Good luck!