Need a Name for a Promiscuous Truck Driver.....

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Respondents: 13 (This poll is closed)

  • Aimes : 3 (13%)
  • Carter : 2 (9%)
  • Compton : 3 (13%)
  • Darlington : 3 (13%)
  • Gordon : 3 (13%)
  • Hastings : 2 (9%)
  • Marsh : 3 (13%)
  • Mercer : 3 (13%)
  • Rowland : 1 (4%)
  • Sutton: 0 (0%)

I like Hastings and [name]Mercer[/name].

I think Therin and [name]Kat[/name] would also be good nn’s.

[name]Kate[/name] [name]Gordon[/name] really seems to fit the character for me for some reason, but I also really like the alliteration of [name]Kate[/name] Compton or [name]Kate[/name] [name]Carter[/name], particularly in the case of [name]Kate[/name] Compton.

I have a poll up for another 10 names…take a peek and vote:


I like [name]Carter[/name] because of the whole trucker thing.
I like Compton because it’s like she’s doing something to compensate for something else she needs in her life.
I like the feeling of Darlington…fast, driving something…of course there is the “darling” thing too.
I like [name]Gordon[/name] because it’s a common surname.
I like Hastings…again fast, running away from something.
I like [name]Mercer[/name]…the whole have mercy thing.

Wow it’s really close.

My absolute fav is [name]Kate[/name] Hastings. It just sounds great. I looked at your other poll and I still like Hastings the best!