Need a suitable surname

I have a character; his name is [name]Coy[/name]. I’m not sure if I should add an ‘e’ to make him Coye and I have no idea what his surname should be.

He’s around 30 years old. He’s a green-eyed assassin. He’s very mysterious.

I was thinking ‘Riccardi’, ‘[name]McCauley[/name]’?? Any ideas??

What about Mowbray or Merrick? Merrick sounds quit dark and the character has a sift side, but he doesn’t show it very much.

Merrick is good! The only other thing I can think of that seems to fit the character is [name]Blackwell[/name].

I like Merrick too, but I worry that [name]Coy[/name] is such an unusal name and so is the surname Marrick. Maybe I should use a more common surname such as [name]Martin[/name]??

I know a couple of people with the last name Merrick, so it can’t be that uncommon. Maybe its just where you live that it isn’t such a common last name. If you feel that [name]Coy[/name] is too unusual, maybe you could add a really common middle name so it doesn’t feel so strange. [name]Hope[/name] this helps! :slight_smile: