Need an icelandic name for our farm

I don’t know if this is an ok place for this but we live in the [name_m]Pacific[/name_m] Northwest and need a name for our farm. It’s a plant nursery with icelandic sheep and icelandic chickens and maybe pigs in the future, small scale homestead basically.


We also do flowers for weddings!

I’ll try help you, although I don’t really know what kind of name style you would like.

I would suggest using a Scandinavian surname/ name, as I know that Icelandic people don’t use surnames. (maybe??)

This is actually a really hard question and even being from a Nordic country myself hahaha

Maybe something like:
[name_m]Olafur[/name_m] bænum

Not very helpful and not really what you were looking for but it was the best I could come up with

Gefion is the Norse goddess of agriculture, which would be fitting.