Need help finding a mn

So I have already asked your thoughts on our name choices and you all have given us tons to think about. I am now unsatisfied with the middle name we had picked out. We could really use your help coming up with a middle name for [name]Santana[/name] and [name]Memphis[/name].
After getting some really good advice from you all it became apperant that [name]Rose[/name] ( which we had decided we liked for both names) either sound like a country song or made you sound like you had a lisp ([name]Santana[/name] [name]Rose[/name] [name]Sanchez[/name] is alot of s’s). I have no thought I am offically out of ideas please help us :slight_smile:

[name]Hi[/name], here are some middle names that seem to fit. I am not sure if you are interested in more unique names. Most of these (except [name]Mae[/name]) could be options for both of the first names you are considering:

[name]Santana[/name] [name]Rae[/name]
[name]Santana[/name] [name]Joy[/name]
[name]Santana[/name] [name]Mae[/name]
[name]Santana[/name] [name]Elise[/name]
[name]Santana[/name] [name]Noel[/name]
[name]Santana[/name] [name]Jade[/name]

I like [name]Santana[/name] [name]Rae[/name]!

I think sticking with a one syllable mn is a good idea too. Here are some just off the top of my head;
[name]Santana[/name] [name]Brook[/name]
[name]Santana[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Santana[/name] [name]Bea[/name] or [name]Bay[/name]
[name]Santana[/name] [name]Fleur[/name]
[name]Santana[/name] [name]Bliss[/name]
[name]Santana[/name] [name]Ash[/name]
[name]Santana[/name] [name]Sage[/name] (though SSS might seem a little odd)

Good luck!! :slight_smile:

With [name]Santana[/name], I would do something Spanish like [name]Paloma[/name].

With [name]Memphis[/name], I would do something Southern such as [name]Viola[/name] or [name]Odelia[/name].

[name]Love[/name] [name]Jade[/name] but it’s my daughters mn Irelyn [name]Jade[/name] :slight_smile: also [name]Elise[/name] but I think we will run into the to many s sounds again. We really like [name]Rea[/name] and [name]Joy[/name]