Need Help! Need your opinion on the name Stella??

Okay so I was a little shocked when my fiance told me he really loves the name [name]Stella[/name] since he hasn’t liked anything i have come up with. I don’t really know what i think about the name, it’s growing on me. I would like to know what you guys think of the name. And also if you can help me think of some more names that i can suggest to him that may be a little similar to [name]Stella[/name]. And also is this name becoming too popular? Please let me know what you think! Thanks

[name]LOVE[/name] this name-we considered it but ended up rejecting it due to its growing popularity. DH was worried about the -ella ending being so 2009…Still one of my favorites though.

Yes the popularity thing is what i am worried about too! But my top option was [name]Kira[/name] and now i am giving that a second thought because i am worried that’s going to be too popular. I guess somewhere along the line i am just going to have to accept that there might be someone else in her future class that will have one of these names