need help!!

My husband and I can not agree on a girl name. We originally agreed on [name]Aubrey[/name] [name]Paige[/name] but then I started to question if I really like it b/c I think it sounds like [name]Audrey[/name] and I dont like [name]Audrey[/name] ugh I know I’m crazy lol. I’m not even sure what kind of names I like here are some of the names we have thrown around feel free to give me suggestions. The middle name will be [name]Paige[/name] and our last name starts with a L so no L names.
I like
[name]Abigail[/name](hubs doesnt like)

[name]Hi[/name]! Instead of [name]Aubrey[/name] or [name]Audrey[/name] (nice names, BTW!), how about:

[name]Avery[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Ainsley[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Emily[/name] [name]Paige[/name]

My favorite is [name]Ainsley[/name] [name]Paige[/name]!

[name]How[/name] about:
[name]Julia[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Violet[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Ivy[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Lillian[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Cara[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Lila[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Emmeline[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Olivia[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Natalie[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Brenna[/name] [name]Paige[/name]

Hm. Well, if you don’t like [name]Audrey[/name], I probably wouldn’t recommend going with [name]Aubrey[/name], because they do sound nearly identical, save for that one letter difference. I think [name]Emma[/name] [name]Paige[/name] is cute, by the way. Here are some ideas:

[name]Annabel[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Bridget[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Cassia[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Delia[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Ellis[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Fiona[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Gemma[/name] [name]Paige[/name] - Did you have this one on your list?
[name]Hannah[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Isabel[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Johanna[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Keira[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Marley[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Naomi[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Olivia[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Phoebe[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Rebecca[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Sylvie[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Tallulah[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Valerie[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Willa[/name] [name]Paige[/name]

[name]Lemon[/name] :slight_smile: