Need middle name for Magnolia

We’ve decided on [name]Magnolia[/name] for a first name (nn [name]Noli[/name] or [name]Mia[/name]), but haven’t been able to find a middle name that we love. Our last name starts McG and has 3 syllables. This is our first child. I like [name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Sofia[/name] / [name]Sophia[/name] or [name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Fiona[/name] , but the dad isn’t crazy about either of those. We’ve also considered [name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Winter[/name] because she’s due at the beginning of [name]January[/name], but it’s not feeling 100% right. [name]Baby[/name] is due in 3 days - yikes!

At the top of my head I immediately thought [name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Jane[/name] and [name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Harper[/name].

[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Clare[/name]/[name]Claire[/name]
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Anne[/name]
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Leigh[/name]
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Mae[/name]
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Neve[/name]
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Maeve[/name]
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Paige[/name]
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Quinn[/name]

Well, a seasonal name would be lovely, although the downside of the lovely [name]Magnolia[/name] is that word names would generally be best avoided in the middle slot, to avoid overdoing it a little.

From the Nameberry post on New Years names, I learnt of [name]Makara[/name], a Hindi name meaning ‘born under Capricorn’, although MMM would probably be too much. The same goes for Morana, the Slavic goddess of [name]Winter[/name]. [name]January[/name] in another language would not obviously be another word name, so that is an option - [name]Cait[/name], the Hindi word, is a particularly good option, and I believe it is pronounced just like [name]Kate[/name].

Angerona is an extremely unusual choice, but was the name of the [name]Roman[/name] goddess of the winter solstice.

[name]Jane[/name] would be a subtle and very classic reference to [name]January[/name], and I think it balances the unusual and lengthy [name]Magnolia[/name] perfectly - in my opinion, this is your best option.

In general, I think a short name would be best,and the flow is easiest if it begins with a consonant:
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Belle[/name]
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Blythe[/name]
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Gwen[/name] (hard to say with McG___?)
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Joan[/name]
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Niamh[/name] (NEEV)
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Ruth[/name]
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Scout[/name] (a word, but I don’t think this has the same problems as other word names do)
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Tess[/name]
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Wynne[/name].

Good luck!

[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Grace[/name]
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Jean[/name]
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Pearl[/name]
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Charlotte[/name]
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Wren[/name]
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Frances[/name]
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Eve[/name]
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Ruth[/name]

I tend to think [name]Magnolia[/name] is best served with a short, easily-recognized middle name.

[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Maude[/name]
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Anne[/name]
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Belle[/name]

Although some other botanical/nature-inspired choices might be:

[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Rue[/name]
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Wren[/name]
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Pearl[/name]
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Rain[/name]
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Sage[/name]

As for a longer middle name like you suggest – [name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Sofia[/name] or [name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Fiona[/name] – I tend to think that a name that long is too cumbersome, but some similar middles would be:

[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Clarissa[/name]
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Liana[/name]
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Renata[/name]
[name]Magnolia[/name] [name]Matilda[/name]