Need names starting with letter 'a'

MY daughter has given me the honor of naming her daughter (due in Sept). A psychic has told her to give baby an "A’ name, which unfortunately narrows it down for me… I want something no one else has…something unique…We like masculine, strong, cool, hipster type names for the most part, but are open to anything…well, almost anything, no [name]Ashley[/name] please. Come on berries, Lets see what youve got… Thanks…peace


Thank you so much for the suggestions…UGH…Why do so may girls name end in a?..Most of those names seem pretty girly and basic to me…Not enough masculinity in them…Im beginning to realize that baby names are like wedding dresses…theyre all relatively pretty, but when you hear the one that is ‘yours’, you just know it…thanks again.

how about ainsley? a bit more masculine and doesnt end in a


Maybe a cool palindrome?


I am SO surprised no one mentioned [name]Aspen[/name] or [name]Arden[/name]. They seem so perfect for you, I won’t even name more.

I like [name]Ainsley[/name] and i like [name]Astrid[/name], yet they just dont feel ‘right’ to me…[name]Just[/name] not cool enough. [name]Ariadne[/name] is different, havent heard this one. I’ll have to mull it over a bit…It seems ‘big’ for a first name and Im not ‘big’ on nicknames, and although [name]Ari[/name] would maybe be cute, and I do a little girl named [name]Ari[/name]…again, it doesnt seem strong, complete or final…sounds like a nickname. This is gonna be harder than I thought. But I love it!

[name]Arden[/name] is great!..Thank you!

Maybe [name]Anwen[/name]?

Forgot to mention her middle name will be [name]Grace[/name]–

[name]Arden[/name] [name]Grace[/name]-fantastic
[name]Anwen[/name] [name]Grace[/name]—love
What about a combination of the two of them
[name]Arwen[/name] [name]Grace[/name]–

These are more up my ally----

[name]Arwen[/name] is a major character in the Lort of the Rings. [name]Just[/name] so you know. Doesn’t take it off the table but is a consideration.

Somehow didn’t see your earlier post before suggesting the palindrome names!

What comes to mind right away:


[name]Hope[/name] I helped a bit! :slight_smile:

My first thought was [name]Arden[/name].


I’m seconding [name]Arden[/name]. More suggestions:




[name]Arden[/name] is very pretty


Wow, you people are amazing. Thank you so much for these wonderful suggestions! Her name is out there. Im just waiting for it to show up. I appreciate the help.

I love love love [name]Arlo[/name] my number 1 fave right now
Other faves
[name]Arwen[/name] (not sure if daughter will dig the [name]Lord[/name] of the rings connection…but we’ll see for sure)
I like [name]Anwen[/name] but my Aunt had twins named [name]Annie[/name] and [name]Wendy[/name] and couldnt tell them apart so she blended the names together and called them both [name]Anwen[/name]…:-?
Is [name]Auden[/name] pronounced Aw-dn or Ow-dn?
I kind of like [name]Annora[/name] although the a ending may lose me. Maybe its too girly sounding for me. But its pretty.