Need names that fit to a distopia

I need names for a distopia story, the main character is a 14 year old girl, who has way to much of a mind of her own which keeps getting her into trouble, see in this world children aren’t aloud. They are put into Concentration camps till the age of 21. When she was 14 she escaped with 2 other kids both of which died. She finds Refuge in the forest along with about 5 others who she encounters along the way. She is constantly hiding and having to fight for her life along with the one she loves.
Character list
Protagonist girl, brave girl that had to fight for her life even when she was aloud to egsist.
Boy, a brave kid that is pretty much the fighter he had a similar life to protagonist girl
other people that i just need names for anything helps really boy and girl please
THX :wink:

[name]Evelyn[/name] & [name]Maverick[/name]?

If you’re doing a dystopia, you may want to have some sort of naming conventions for the culture. For example, in Hunger Games (Hunger Games), all of the names are (correct me if I’m wrong) roughly, kinda-sorta word names. In Matched ([name]Ally[/name] [name]Condie[/name]), I’m pretty sure they’re all ‘real’ names, but names that feel a little unique and ‘out-there’. Your conventions don’t have to be set in stone, because I’m sure there are characters in both of those books who don’t fit these very-roughly-outlined naming ‘conventions’.