Need Some Advice

So, I am a day late with my period now. The past two days I have gone to sleep nauseous, not slept well, and woke up nauseous. I took a really cheap dollar preg. test this morning which came back negative. [name]Do[/name] you think that means I should stop worrying and just wait? Or would you be a little weary?


I wouldn’t be too worried yet. For most women, morning sickness doesn’t start until about the 5th or 6th week (although I’m sure some have it sooner, this is just on average) of pregnancy. As you’re only one day passed your missed period, I wouldn’t be concerned yet. If your period still hasn’t arrived in 3-4 days, I suggest investing in a better pregnancy test (such as First Response or Clear [name]Blue[/name]) and testing again.

Good luck, and I hope you have the outcome you desire! :slight_smile:

The dollar tests work fine as long as you are actually late, they can be spotty until then and very, very light.

I would wait another week and then re-test with a [name]PINK[/name] DYE test, don’t waste your money on something with blue dye like the Clear [name]Blue[/name] tests because they are so notorious for evap lines that can look like a false positive and the amount you spend on a test doesn’t really factor in to how accurate it is. MOST tests are going to be accurate if you are late, but to get a clear answer, definitely look for something with pink dye or a digital test, but a digital test CAN take longer to get a positive than a dye test.

Good luck!

[name]Morning[/name] sickness is caused by the pregnancy hormone B-HCG, which is made by the placenta. Generally, as others pointed out, the serum levels are not high enough until 6-7 weeks to cause morning sickness (it comes on rapidly, as the hormone levels double weekly. That’s why blood pregnancy tests are so accurate with dating an early pregnancy).

By the end of the week (5 weeks after your last period), a home pregnancy test should be able to give you an accurate answer.

Agreeing with blade. I would wait until the end of the week, then retest using FMU.