Need unique "R" names!

There’s probably alot of repeats here, so sorry. The first name I’ll suggest is [name]Raquel[/name] - because it’s my name! Here’s the rest!

[name]Rachelle[/name] (which is so beautiful!)
[name]Rosaelia[/name] (I saw this and loved it, but hubby didn’t, pn’d [name]Ro[/name]-zay-lee-uh)

The [name]Rhea[/name] I know is pronounced [name]REE[/name]-uh. [name]Rowan[/name] is cute!

auburn - I love your suggestion of [name]Rosario[/name]! I never thought about it, but I love the [name]Rosario[/name] [name]Dawson[/name] connection since she’s one of my favorite actresses and the nickname [name]Rose[/name]! Thank you.

Would it be weird that it is Spanish sounding and I’m white?

Not at all, my name is Lorraina (Sounds like the Spanish [name]Lorena[/name] but with a French spelling from [name]Lorraine[/name]) , and where we lived as I grew up had a strong Spanish culture.There was no comments or teasing about it being a spanish name and me being whiter than a day lily. :slight_smile: