Need your honest opinion!

We’ve been throwing around names for a while now and had agreed on [name]Oliver[/name] for a boy’s name, but one day dh decided it’s too ‘whimpy’. The only other name we both [name]LOVE[/name] is [name]Noah[/name]. Our last name sounds like Lo. So I need your honest opinion on the combo:

[name]Noah[/name] Lo

  • I know it’s rhymey, but I don’t think it’s terrible. If you were in my shoes, would you go with the name even though it may be a bit rhymey because you love it, or would you try the name game all over again?

Thanks for your help!

I would keep looking. [name]Noah[/name] Lo sounds too similar to my ears.

I love [name]Oliver[/name] Lo. Maybe your husband will change his mind.

Good luck!

[name]Hi[/name] we are here to help you.

[name]Oliver[/name] is a lovely name but the [name]Ollie[/name] Lo may be hard to say and unfortunately I think that you need to rethink [name]Noah[/name] too.

Here are some suggestions:

[name]Quentin[/name] I think that this name matches very, very closely to [name]Oliver[/name] in its vibe and style and [name]Quentin[/name] Lo is a great combo

[name]Maxwell[/name] it is hard to go past this name, it works with your surname and I love the nn of [name]Max[/name]

[name]Henry[/name] everyone’s favourite and it really dresses Lo up so that it sounds like a very important person, “I would like to introduce Mr [name]Henry[/name] Lo”, sounds good doesn’t it?

Here are some more

[name]Daniel[/name] Lo

all the best


I don’t think [name]Noah[/name] Lo work together, unfortunately. [name]Oliver[/name] Lo works fine, but as the previous poster mentioned, if it’s shortened to [name]Olli[/name], it doesn’t work so well either.

[name]Noah[/name] Lo doesn’t work for me either. I fear the unfortunate nickname Nolo. I’d look into the Powerboy Names in Beyond [name]Ava[/name] & [name]Aiden[/name]. Another thing, I’d pass on are most name starting or ending with O. With a one-syllable and O last name, I’d like into names that end and begin with consonants. Here are a few that come to mind: