So, I am a day late with my period now. The past two days I have gone to sleep nauseous, not slept well, and woke up nauseous. I took a really cheap dollar preg. test this morning which came back negative. [name]Do[/name] you think that means I should stop worrying and just wait? Or would you be a little weary?


I’d wait another week and if you haven’t gotten your period, test again. I didn’t get a positive with my son until a week after I missed my period. If you don’t want to spend like $10 on a test, you might be able to get your doc to do it without charging. My family practitioner let me test with my first pregnancy.

The dollar store tests work exactly the same as the more expensive name brand ones. If you tested right when you got up, I would believe the test and try to not worry. If your period doesn’t show up for another week, I’d test again.

I’d wait a bit and test again if your period doesnt show up (cheap tests are just fine [name]IMO[/name]).
At only a day late, I wouldnt be at all worried, but you know what’s normal for you. Also fully possible youre fighting off a stomach bug.

The cheap tests work exactly like the 10-15 dollar tests. I used one 2 days after my period was late and got a dark positive result. I usually buy 5-10 of them at a time at the dollar store just to have a stockpile in my closet. I actually gave my best friend a few when she stopped using BC and she used one the day before her period was due and it came back positive. But then again, I have heard of women not getting a positive result until almost a week late. You could always get a blood test.

thanks all! I am now two days late, and thinking it might be a good idea to grab some more tests! we’ll see! :slight_smile:

Wait a few more days then test again. Nausea and fatigure usually aren’t symptoms at this stage when you’d only be about two weeks pregnant (usually takes till about six weeks to begin), so don’t rely on that as a sign of pregnancy!