Negotiating names!

When I had [name]Brooke[/name] my DH and I argued names for ages before we agreed on a name.
I had suggested over 70 names and he hadn’t liked any.
Now something weird has happened… throwing some names around while we plan #4.
I showed him a list of 14 girls names I liked. Asked what he thought, I was open to deleting any he didn’t like to narrow the list down.
BUT he liked them ALL!
Miracles happen.
He liked the boy names too. I was very particular with those.

So I am one happy name lover now.

[name]Share[/name] your naming negotiations, how do you agree in your house?


I’m actually the one vetoing usually. My husband and I both like unique names, but sometimes he gets on this kick where he throws things out like “[name]Katherine[/name]? [name]Sarah[/name]? charlotte?” and I’m shaking my head. There’s really not a lot of negotiation. He’s okay with that. We’ve been able to agree on every single first name, so this is how we do the middles.

We make a list of 10 names. I choose 5 middles and he chooses the others. We pick the ones we like off each others choices. This usually gets us down to 3 or 4 names. I write them all out in full, then plot all the nicknames for the first and middle name, write the initials and so forth. Then we each mull it over for a few days. Then we talk again. Usually, which is strange but wonderful, we’ve ended up picking the same name as the one off the list without realizing it.

Wow I love that list idea. That sounds like it works well for you guys.
Initials can be so important.
I “google” the initials… so far we had to delete one choice as it came up with some white supremacism group!!! (which funnily enough wasn’t the image we were going for!) I was very surprised to say the least.
This time around my DH is so much more open to ideas.
It’s good when they agree though.