Nervous 😓

Well, I’m 4 days late this time around. I’m nervous to take a test, but I’m going to take one today. I think I’m more nervous because I’ve had two miscarriages before & I didn’t like going through them at all, especially the first time I had one. I just really don’t want to have another miscarriage. :confused: If my period/pregnancy tracker is correct, I’m 5 weeks & 0 days pregnant, & my due date would be [name_u]September[/name_u] 29th, 2024. [name_f]My[/name_f] fiancé & I were TTC for awhile now, but never had any luck, so we decided to no longer TTC. Now that we haven’t been trying & decided to be doggy parents instead, I become 4 days late on my period. I know this should be a happy moment for us, but I just don’t know. I have a lot of health issues, including heart problems, high blood pressure, & just overweight. If someone can reassure me that things will be fine & maybe give me some advice on how to not gain more weight than I already have, that would be great! Thanks. I have literally been feeling constantly hungry & it is driving me nuts.


I’m so sorry you’re feel anxious and nervous. It sounds like there’s a lot on your mind. It makes sense you’d be nervous after experiencing miscarriages.

[name_f]My[/name_f] husband and I TTC for over 3 years before we had my son. And I was very anxious the entire pregnancy because it felt “too good to be true”. So I definitely understand anxiety around pregnancy.

First of all, have you talked to your partner about how you’re feeling? I think it would be great to have a sit down conversation about your fears and worries. You’ll probably find you feel very similarly and it’ll be nice to have each other to lean on through the process.

I’d also recommended seeking out a therapist. There’s a lot of therapists out there that specialize in pregnancy or postpartum and can help you work through your feelings. I always feel like the more support you can have in your corner the better!


Oh sweetheart I’m sorry your feeling this way 🩵

Honestly I think when you really want something as precious as a child the journey can be so challenging. I’ve experienced two baby losses one when I was later on in my pregnancy and one very early one. It’s such a heartbreaking experience. I can empathise with your pain and anxiety. Unlike you I have never tried to conceive, I’ve never experienced a planned pregnancy but I have family friends who have gone through this experience and it’s such a huge anxiety ridden journey.

I think I would speak to your partner about how anxiety surrounding this so you can seek comfort from that person and I would also speak to your doctor see what resources they can link you up with to receive support.

Here are some organisations that provide support in the UK (not sure if your UK based but could be helpful)

[name_f]Hope[/name_f] this helps


First of all, big hugs to you. It’s so hard when what should be a happy situation becomes stressful because of past losses.

I have been where you are now; I had 4 consecutive miscarriages before I had my twins. What helped me, once I was pregnant with them, was that I was able to have an early scan (7ish weeks) to confirm that all was going well. Are you linked in with a care provider who could arrange a scan for you? I think the statistics for viability are good once a heartbeat is seen, so it could be very reassuring.