[name]One[/name] of the characters in my book is called [name]Neve[/name], which is short for [name]Neveah[/name]. I have the name just not a description for her. What kind of person (looks) comes to your mind when you hear this name?

When I picture [name]Neve[/name], I think of a girl about 18-20 who is very beautiful but exotic-looking. She has dark tan skin and smoky gray eyes, and straight, black, shiny hair, and has a smoky voice as well. She is introverted, but friendly, and likes writing and listening to music.

For [name]Neve[/name], I picture about the same as youssarian. For [name]Neveah[/name], I picture a blue-eyed, blond haired toddler with an angelic personality.

[name]Neveah[/name] is a very modern name. 1999 had only 8 uses of the name in the US article reference here so if your character was born before about 2001, its very unlikely she’d have that as her name. That said, I love [name]Neve[/name] as a nn for [name]Neveah[/name], never thought of that before.

I think of a [name]Neveah[/name] as a little preschool girl, hair in bunches and with bundles of energy. I think of a [name]Neve[/name] though as a student who’s keen to do well, has a solid group of friends and a boyfriend she’s devoted to. I picture her as caring about how she looks and likes litereature.

I think youssarian has nailed it! Although I think she’d be pale-skinned with dark hair and quiet smokey blue eyes. [name]Neve[/name] would be comfortable in her own skin, but not an extrovert at all. An avid reader, she’s probably tall and willowy and always with her kindle (she wouldn’t pay for an iPad just to follow the brand crowd). She probably appears standoffish when you first meet her but is a very warm and loyal friend when she lets you in. She received a lot of attention from men but doesn’t immediately notice and is in no hurry to commit. She’s about 28-yrs old and prefers to spend time traveling and learning Italian, as her grandfather was Italian. She works in an academic research lab and tries to take an invigorating hill walk after work each day but gets drawn into drinks with colleagues more often than she’d like. She prefers Pilates to Yoga and her favourite movie of the year is A Dangerous Method.