New account

Hello, am I allowed to create a new account? I do not really like the username of this and I have personal reasons to create one, or it will be considered an alt account?

No, you can create a new account if you prefer, you’d just have to stop posting under this one. I can even merge your new account with this one so you don’t lose any of your existing posts.

Thank you! [name_m]Can[/name_m] you merge my new account with this one possibly then?:smiley:

Of course. You’ll need to log in under the new account (otherwise I can’t access it in the admin database) and then let me know what the new username is.

Hello! my new account is @cordourosel
no need necessarily to merge them, but thanks!! I just need you to merge my adopt a name ones messages!

I can only merge all posts or none, I’m afraid. What would you prefer? I like the new username!

do not merge them then! still thanks :] but is it possible to merge the posts and then delete some of them on my own ?

I think you’d still need mods to delete, but if it’s just a select few, I’d be happy to do that if you send me a list of links.