New addition to our kitty filled home

We are getting yet another kitty soon, and need to figure out a good name. We already have three siamese mixes – [name]Sen[/name], [name]Crystal[/name] Setsuna who we call Setsu for short, and [name]Dusty[/name] – and one black cat named [name]Halcyone[/name].
The new one is an orange female with one front paw amuptated. She is incredibly sweet and loving.
Anyway, here are some names I think would be nice:
[name]Raja[/name] (like from Aladin)

Please vote! Your thoughts are much appreciated, as well as any new ideas!

I love [name]Phoebe[/name] and [name]Tangerine[/name] from your list. What about:


[name]Daphne[/name] and [name]Clementine[/name] were on our list before I posted it. Now we have narrowed it down again…here is our revised list (unless there’s something better out there?)

Whiskey (top choice at the moment because I realized the name was used on the tv show Dollhouse)

We will wait until we see her personality before really choosing though.

I like d [name]Tangerine[/name]!

Well, we didn’t get to pick any of these names because the humane society put her down before we could adopt her. What a shame, she was one of the nicest kitties there.

Oh no. I’m sorry :frowning:

Honestly, that’s Michigan for you. The shelter I was going through wouldn’t adopt the cat out to me because I already had three and they have a policy about that, so I had to go through a no-kill shelter to pull this cat out for me, and by the time they got there she was already put down.
I take great care of my animals and my city doesn’t have a rule that you can only have so many cats, so why? Why have a stupid policy like that? If they had just adopted her to me she wouldn’t have been killed. Sorry I’m complaining here, I’m just frustrated.

No need to apologize. [name]How[/name] frustrating! So they’d rather kill her than let her live with 3 other cats?! What logic is that… our local rescue (I’m in MN) and the other ones locally are trying to pull as many as they could from the pounds who do euthanize. I think they’re going to try to bring awareness and hopefully one day make them into no-kill.