New additions, thanks for your advice!

I read [name]EVERY[/name] comment on the lists I posted! You ladies really came through :o) After I read what you thought of the names I had put out there I thought about them for a while and DUMPED every one that I didn’t absolutely love.

I like names that have hard consonant sounds, so I know I’m a little different from most people as far as that goes :o) Then I sat down with my name books and websites and found some new additions! I put a * after the ones YOU suggested! Let me know what you think:

[name]Benedict[/name], [name]Bertram[/name], [name]Bram[/name]
[name]Caleb[/name], [name]Caspar[/name], [name]Clemente[/name] (MN - pron. the French way, [name]CLAY[/name]-mont), [name]Clifford[/name], [name]Conrad[/name]
, [name]Cormac[/name]*
[name]Dalton[/name], [name]Dashiell[/name], [name]Dominic[/name], [name]Donovan[/name], [name]Dorian[/name], [name]Dustin[/name]
[name]Edgar[/name], Emeric

[name]Felix[/name], [name]Frederick[/name], [name]Fritz[/name]
[name]Gavin[/name], [name]Grant[/name]
[name]Harmon[/name], [name]Harper[/name] (MN), [name]Henrik[/name], [name]Howard[/name], [name]Howell[/name]
, [name]Hudson[/name]
[name]Joel[/name], [name]Jonah[/name]
Kipling, [name]Kit[/name]
[name]Landon[/name], [name]Lawrence[/name] (NN [name]Law[/name]), [name]Lawson[/name], [name]Leander[/name], [name]Levi[/name]
, [name]Lowell[/name]*
[name]Marc[/name]/[name]Marcus[/name], [name]Marshall[/name], [name]Morris[/name], [name]Mortimer[/name]
[name]Nestor[/name], [name]Norman[/name] (family name)
[name]Orson[/name], [name]Oscar[/name] (family name), [name]Osric[/name], [name]Otto[/name]
[name]Parker[/name], [name]Pascal[/name] (Pass-[name]CAL[/name] as in calvin), [name]Patrick[/name]/[name]Patton[/name] (family name), [name]Paul[/name] (family name)
[name]Ransom[/name] (MN), [name]Reid[/name], [name]Rhett[/name], [name]Rhys[/name], [name]Ripley[/name], [name]River[/name], [name]Roald[/name], [name]Robin[/name]
[name]Samuel[/name], [name]Sebastien[/name]
, [name]Seth[/name], [name]Shane[/name], [name]Shepherd[/name], [name]Simon[/name], [name]Spencer[/name], [name]Stetson[/name] (NN [name]Sonny[/name])
[name]Tanner[/name], [name]Travis[/name], [name]Trey[/name], [name]Tristram[/name]
[name]Warren[/name], [name]Winslow[/name], [name]Winston[/name], [name]Wycliffe[/name]

Honest thoughts appreciated! :o)

[name]Amos[/name] better than [name]Abraham[/name]

[name]Benedict[/name]*, [name]Bram[/name] Nice but [name]Bertram[/name] is old man

[name]Caleb[/name], [name]Caspar[/name], [name]Clemente[/name] (MN - pron. the French way, [name]CLAY[/name]-mont), [name]Clifford[/name], [name]Conrad[/name], [name]Cormac[/name] As a first name I would choose [name]Conrad[/name] and I like [name]Clemente[/name] as a middle name, I don’t connect with the other names

[name]Dalton[/name], [name]Dashiell[/name], [name]Dominic[/name], [name]Donovan[/name], [name]Dorian[/name]*, [name]Dustin[/name] I love [name]Dorian[/name] too and I have given up hoping that someone would name their child [name]Dorian[/name]. I also love [name]Dashiell[/name] the others are okay but I love the ones mentioned.

[name]Edgar[/name], Emeric* I wouldn’t use these but I am fond of [name]Edwin[/name] or [name]Eduardo[/name]

[name]Felix[/name], [name]Frederick[/name]*, [name]Fritz[/name] I like [name]Felix[/name] dislike the others

[name]Gavin[/name], [name]Grant[/name] I like [name]Gavin[/name] and [name]Grant[/name] is one of my favourite names definitely underused.

[name]Harmon[/name], [name]Harper[/name] (MN), [name]Henrik[/name], [name]Howard[/name], [name]Howell[/name]*, [name]Hudson[/name] None except [name]Henrik[/name] as a middle name

[name]Joel[/name]*, [name]Jonah[/name] [name]Joel[/name] is nice but somewhat hard to say

Kipling, [name]Kit[/name] I love [name]Kit[/name], so cute.

[name]Landon[/name], [name]Lawrence[/name] (NN [name]Law[/name]), [name]Lawson[/name], [name]Leander[/name], [name]Levi[/name], [name]Lowell[/name] None of these

[name]Marc[/name]/[name]Marcus[/name], [name]Marshall[/name], [name]Morris[/name], [name]Mortimer[/name] All except [name]Mortimer[/name] because mort means dead. I especially like [name]Marshall[/name] and if into the classics [name]Marcus[/name]

[name]Nestor[/name], [name]Norman[/name] (family name) No

[name]Orson[/name], [name]Oscar[/name] (family name), [name]Osric[/name], [name]Otto[/name] At a pinch only [name]Oscar[/name]

[name]Parker[/name], [name]Pascal[/name] (Pass-[name]CAL[/name] as in calvin), [name]Patrick[/name]/[name]Patton[/name] (family name), [name]Paul[/name] (family name) All nice

[name]Reid[/name], [name]Rhett[/name], [name]Rhys[/name]*, [name]River[/name], and also [name]Rio[/name] very nice

[name]Sebastien[/name]*, [name]Simon[/name], [name]Love[/name] these

[name]Travis[/name], [name]Trey[/name], and [name]Tristan[/name] very nice

[name]Winston[/name] a handsome preppy name

I won’t comment on all of them, but these are the ones I liked:

[name]Bertram[/name]- For some reason, I really like this name.
[name]Dashiell[/name]- seems to be gaining a lot of momentum, but I don’t think it will ever run the risk of being called “popular.”
[name]Frederick[/name]- so wonderful I’m planning on using it for one of my own sons.
[name]Patrick[/name]- one I’ve always liked, though sometimes I’m a little embarrassed to admit it.
[name]Rhett[/name]- not one I would normally choose, but it has a nice ring to it.
[name]Travis[/name]- I have to put a plug in for this one because it is my husband’s name and I think it is really handsome. I had to ask my [name]MIL[/name] how she did it because she managed to find a name that remains completely off the radar. :slight_smile:

[name]Amos[/name] - is OK. I much prefer [name]Abraham[/name] nn [name]Bram[/name].
[name]Benedict[/name] - is very sweet.
[name]Bertram[/name] - I’m not keen on.
[name]Caleb[/name] - I dislike, the meaning is awful. Prefer [name]Callum[/name] or [name]Jacob[/name].
[name]Caspar[/name] - Not bad, although I love [name]Jasper[/name] or [name]Jesper[/name].
[name]Clemente[/name] - nice.
[name]Clifford[/name] - big red dog connotation is too strong.
[name]Conrad[/name], [name]Cormac[/name] - [name]Both[/name] quite nice, solid, interesting names, although not my favourites here.
[name]Dalton[/name], - very average.
[name]Dashiell[/name], - Gorgeous!
[name]Dominic[/name], - quite nice.
, - don’t like.
[name]Dorian[/name], - don’t like at all.
[name]Dustin[/name] - yuck.
[name]Edgar[/name], - sweet.
- interesting, but sounds wannabee hipster.
[name]Felix[/name], - nice.
[name]Frederick[/name], - very sweet.
[name]Fritz[/name] - yuck.
[name]Gavin[/name], - not bad. but quite an overated name.
[name]Grant[/name] - average.
[name]Harmon[/name], - not bad
[name]Harper[/name] (MN) - again, not bad.
[name]Henrik[/name], - prefer [name]Henry[/name]
[name]Howard[/name], - yuck
, - quite nice
[name]Hudson[/name] - average
[name]Joel[/name],- yuck!
[name]Jonah[/name] - not bad
Kipling, - quite cute
[name]Kit[/name] - gorgeous!
[name]Landon[/name], - too trendy
[name]Lawrence[/name] (NN [name]Law[/name]), - dont’t like.
[name]Lawson[/name], - very average
[name]Leander[/name], - nice.
, - set to become very popular.
[name]Lowell[/name]* - quite nice. What about [name]Lyall[/name]/[name]Lisle[/name]/[name]Lyle[/name]
[name]Marc[/name]/[name]Marcus[/name], - alright.
[name]Marshall[/name], - don’t like
[name]Morris[/name], - not bad, quite sweet.
[name]Mortimer[/name] - harsh sounding.
[name]Nestor[/name], - quite sweet
[name]Norman[/name] (family name) - not bad, a bit bland.
[name]Orson[/name], - interesting
[name]Oscar[/name] (family name), - sweet
[name]Osric[/name], - not bad, what about [name]Alaric[/name]?
[name]Otto[/name] - meh
[name]Parker[/name], - trendy
[name]Pascal[/name] - cute
[name]Patrick[/name]/[name]Patton[/name] - not bad, [name]Patrick[/name] is nicer although I dislike [name]Pat[/name].
[name]Paul[/name] (family name) - bland
[name]Ransom[/name] (MN), [name]Reid[/name], [name]Rhys[/name]- meh
[name]Rhett[/name],- nice
[name]Ripley[/name], - sweet but reminds me of [name]Ripley[/name]'s Game.
[name]River[/name], - not bad but very hippy
[name]Roald[/name], - don’t mind it, interesting
[name]Robin[/name] - not bad.
[name]Samuel[/name], - too common, I prefer [name]Max[/name] to [name]Sam[/name].
,- very, very nice.
[name]Seth[/name], - average.
, - horrible, ugly, sorry.
[name]Shepherd[/name], [name]Spencer[/name], Stretson- meh
[name]Simon[/name] - not bad, good solid name.
[name]Tanner[/name], [name]Travis[/name], [name]Trey[/name], - horrible.
[name]Tristram[/name] - not bad, [name]Tristan[/name] is better.
[name]Warren[/name], [name]Winslow[/name]- don’t like. What about Wilco?
[name]Winston[/name], - boring
[name]Wycliffe[/name] - interesting, but would never use it.
What about: [name]Ashley[/name], [name]Julian[/name], [name]Theodore[/name], [name]Nathaniel[/name], [name]Arthur[/name], [name]Alistair[/name], [name]Sinjin[/name], [name]Peter[/name] and above suggestions.
Good luck sorting!

[name]Benedict[/name] - I like, some have said it’s still unusable in US because of [name]Benedict[/name] [name]Arnold[/name]
[name]Caleb[/name] - Very Hebrew names aren’t my style. This one looks like it should be something backward.
[name]Conrad[/name] - An old one I could grow to like.
[name]Dalton[/name] - Once read a book with a girl named [name]Dalton[/name], so that’s always colored how I see it.
[name]Harper[/name] - Mainly a girl’s name, but since it’s a last name, can work in the middle for either gender.
[name]Kit[/name] - Too diminutive.
[name]Marshall[/name] - Like.
[name]Osric[/name] - Too old for me to have developed a taste for it, but I’d never take anyone named [name]Osric[/name] less than seriously.
[name]Otto[/name] - sounds a bit silly to me; can’t help thinking it would be easy to tease
[name]Patton[/name] - Like.
[name]Reid[/name] - Like.
[name]Robin[/name] - Out of context, I think of this as feminine. However, on a boy, I don’t think “That sounds like a girl’s name.” So it’s still usable.
[name]Stetson[/name] - Interesting, but please, no [name]Sonny[/name].

[name]Hi[/name], [name]Grey[/name]!

Ooh - boy names! Goody!

[name]Amos[/name] - It’s okay. Not a name I’d like to have, per se, though…
[name]Benedict[/name] - Cute way to get to [name]Ben[/name], but a bit much.
[name]Bertram[/name] - Not a fan of this, or its short form, [name]Bert[/name].
[name]Bram[/name] - [name]Bramwell[/name] could be a middle name, but this is incomplete…
[name]Caleb[/name] - Babyish and popular!
[name]Caspar[/name] - The friendly ghost? I only like it in the middle…
[name]Clemente[/name] - No, thank you!
[name]Clifford[/name] - The big red dog? NO.
[name]Conrad[/name] - Reminds me of [name]Joseph[/name] [name]Conrad[/name], and that is pretty cool.
[name]Cormac[/name] - Very cool name! [name]Just[/name] don’t call him [name]Corey[/name], please!
[name]Dalton[/name] - [name]John[/name] [name]Dalton[/name]? You into science? A little too surname-y…
[name]Dashiell[/name] - Yep, this is a cool one. [name]Dash[/name] is amazing!
[name]Dominic[/name] - It’s okay, but I prefer [name]Adrian[/name] or [name]Julian[/name], which are similar.
[name]Donovan[/name] - Without [name]Don[/name] or [name]Donny[/name], this is fine, but with - oh no!
[name]Dorian[/name] - This is a pretty cool name, but I think I like it as a middle.
[name]Dustin[/name] - [name]Dustin[/name], [name]Dusty[/name], Dust. Kind of country, not so good…
[name]Edgar[/name] - [name]Edgar[/name] [name]Allen[/name] [name]Poe[/name]? This is interesting and vintage, so nice!
Emeric - Emeric of Hungary? No, thank you.
[name]Felix[/name] - Sounds a bit like a cat, so I’d keep it in the middle.
[name]Frederick[/name] - This is bold and handsome, and [name]Freddie[/name] is swell!
[name]Fritz[/name] - Cute nickname for [name]Frederick[/name], but too short on its own.
[name]Gavin[/name] - I’ve never liked [name]Gavin[/name], as it doesn’t sound attractive.
[name]Grant[/name] - I like [name]Grant[/name]. [name]Ulysses[/name] S. [name]Grant[/name] is pretty cool!
[name]Harmon[/name] - As in [name]Angie[/name]? Or [name]Harmony[/name]? No way!
[name]Harper[/name] - If this was a family name, maybe. But, it isn’t. Too girly!
[name]Henrik[/name] - I prefer (adore) [name]Henry[/name], as [name]Henrik[/name] is too harsh for me…
[name]Howard[/name] - [name]Howie[/name]! I don’t know about it. Sounds a bit elderly…
[name]Howell[/name] - Too surname-y for me!
[name]Hudson[/name] - [name]Kate[/name]? [name]River[/name]? It’s okay, but I don’t see staying power…
[name]Joel[/name] - I don’t find [name]Joel[/name] attractive, as a name or as a person.
[name]Jonah[/name] - [name]Jonas[/name], maybe? Seems a little wimpy…
Kipling - [name]Rudyard[/name]? Are you kidding me?
[name]Kit[/name] - [name]Kit[/name] Kittredge: An American Girl. That’s a no, a big NO!
[name]Landon[/name] - I really like [name]Landon[/name]. Modern and handsome!
[name]Lawrence[/name] - You killed it with the [name]Law[/name] nickname. [name]Law[/name]? Really?
[name]Lawson[/name] - I knew a [name]Lawson[/name]. It was her last name…
[name]Leander[/name] - Nice middle name! Very cool, like [name]Peregrine[/name]!
[name]Levi[/name] - This is getting too popular, and it seems young to me.
[name]Lowell[/name] - [name]Lowell[/name], Massachusetts. Textile mills. Not a “name.”
[name]Marcus[/name] - Nickname him [name]Marc[/name], okay? I like it, but I don’t love it…
[name]Marshall[/name] - [name]Marshall[/name] Mathers, also known as Eminem. No, thanks!
[name]Morris[/name] - This is a name from the nerd farm…
[name]Mortimer[/name] - Really? Seriously? Reminds me of morticians!
[name]Nestor[/name] - I like mythology, too, but this is a bit much.
[name]Norman[/name] - Hate to bash a family name, but this is too much for me.
[name]Orson[/name] - Welles? [name]Love[/name] it! Very cool name, very nice…
[name]Oscar[/name] - Reminds me of The Grouch on [name]Sesame[/name] [name]Street[/name]. No, thanks.
[name]Osric[/name] - Old School Reference & Index Compilation ([name]OSRIC[/name]). Uh, no!
[name]Otto[/name] - Always makes me think of [name]Otto[/name] [name]Frank[/name], which makes me sad…
[name]Parker[/name] - This is a cool, modern name. [name]Love[/name] it with [name]Landon[/name]!
[name]Pascal[/name] - This could be a cool middle name, as in [name]Hugo[/name] [name]Pascal[/name]…
[name]Patrick[/name]/[name]Patton[/name] - I prefer [name]Patrick[/name], but [name]Patton[/name] could be a middle…
[name]Paul[/name] - Not in love with it, but it certainly isn’t heinous!
[name]Ransom[/name] - No, way! Holding someone ransom is bad enough. :frowning:
[name]Reid[/name] - I like [name]Reid[/name]. Cool name! Good with [name]Parker[/name] and [name]Landon[/name]…
[name]Rhett[/name] - [name]Butler[/name]? Too feminine for me. Maybe a middle name?
[name]Rhys[/name] - [name]Love[/name] it! [name]Rhys[/name] [name]Patrick[/name] is gorgeous. Literally!
[name]Ripley[/name] - [name]Ripley[/name]'s Believe It or Not? I don’t believe it…
[name]River[/name] - I don’t love this. For a boy or girl, really.
[name]Roald[/name] - Dahl? [name]Ah[/name], too much for me…
[name]Robin[/name] - Too feminine, and it makes me think of [name]Robin[/name] Hood!
[name]Samuel[/name] - [name]Sam[/name] is fine, but once you add -uel, it makes me squirm…
[name]Sebastien[/name] - [name]Don[/name]'t care for this French spelling. Like [name]Sebastian[/name].
[name]Seth[/name] - This sounds, dangerous, to me. I don’t like this at all.
[name]Shane[/name] - This is 80s and 90s god-awful. Makes me think of bad hair!
[name]Shepherd[/name] - This is the wimpiest name ever…I think…
[name]Simon[/name] - [name]Simon[/name] sounds like a bookworm with glasses. Is that good?
[name]Spencer[/name] - [name]Spenser[/name] is my female cousin. Not in love with this!
[name]Stetson[/name] - It was bad enough without the nickname, but that killed it.
[name]Tanner[/name] - Reminds me of leather. Since it means “leather tanner.”
[name]Travis[/name] - Makes me think of a trouble-maker in the 80s…
[name]Trey[/name] - I don’t like this. Is it trendy? Dated? Terrible?
[name]Tristram[/name] - [name]Tristan[/name] + [name]Bertram[/name] = [name]Tristram[/name] = HEINOUS! [name]Tristan[/name] is good.
[name]Warren[/name] - I don’t like “war” names…
[name]Winslow[/name] - Eww! This sounds like a name of a town.
[name]Winston[/name] - Awesome! For a spaniel…
[name]Wycliffe[/name] - [name]John[/name] [name]Wycliffe[/name]? [name]Wyclef[/name] [name]Jean[/name]? No way! Maybe a middle.

You have a lot of awesome literary and historical names - well, some aren’t so awesome - that I would use for middle names paired with either some classic names ([name]Frederick[/name], [name]Edgar[/name], [name]Dashiell[/name]) or some modern names ([name]Landon[/name], [name]Parker[/name], [name]Reid[/name]), okay?

Good luck!

[name]Lemon[/name] :slight_smile:

Woo-hoo! Giant name list! :slight_smile:

[name]Amos[/name]: I like some of your others more…
[name]Benedict[/name]: [name]Arnold[/name]. :frowning:
[name]Bertram[/name]: I picture [name]Bertram[/name] being about 90-years-old and enjoying [name]Bingo[/name] time in his nursing home. (And on a child, I picture a [name]Bertram[/name] being a wedgie victim.)
[name]Bram[/name]: I like it as a nickname for [name]Abraham[/name] and [name]Abram[/name].
[name]Caleb[/name]: I think it’s handsome.
[name]Caspar[/name]: I’ve been trying hard to like [name]Caspar[/name], but so far, I can only think of the ghost.
[name]Clemente[/name]: I like it…
[name]Clifford[/name]: I think of the dog, but if people use [name]Oscar[/name], why not [name]Clifford[/name]?
: [name]LOVE[/name]!
[name]Cormac[/name]: I love it…
[name]Dalton[/name]: I think of the school…
: I love it!
[name]Dominic[/name]: I think it’s handsome…
[name]Donovan[/name]: Ditto
: [name]Dorian[/name] is on the feminine side to me…
[name]Dustin[/name]: Hoffman.
[name]Edgar[/name]: I think of [name]Poe[/name], but I like it a lot…
Emeric*: I like [name]Alaric[/name], but Emeric sounds like a mash-up of [name]Emery[/name] and [name]Rick[/name] to me.
[name]Felix[/name]: I love it!
[name]Frederick[/name]: I like it a lot! Actually, I love it!
[name]Fritz[/name]: It’s a nickname for [name]Frederick[/name] to me…
[name]Gavin[/name]: I like some of your others more…
[name]Grant[/name]: I think it’s handsome…
[name]Harmon[/name]: I think of [name]Harmony[/name] or a harmonica. Maybe it will grow on me…
[name]Harper[/name] (MN): I like it…
[name]Henrik[/name]: I prefer [name]Henry[/name]
[name]Howard[/name]: I think it’s nerdy cool, like [name]Chester[/name].
: I think of howling wolves…
[name]Hudson[/name]: I think it’s a nice name…
[name]Joel[/name]: I’m more of a [name]Joseph[/name] person…
[name]Jonah[/name]: I think it’s a great name…
Kipling: [name]Rudyard[/name].
[name]Kit[/name]: I think of it as a cute nickname for [name]Christoper[/name].
[name]Landon[/name]: It feels trendy to me, but I do love the [name]Michael[/name] [name]Landon[/name] association. You may also like [name]Leland[/name] or [name]Lawson[/name].
[name]Lawrence[/name] (NN [name]Law[/name]): I like it, but not the [name]Law[/name] nickname.
[name]Lawson[/name]: It feels less trendy to me than Landson
[name]Leander[/name]: I love it, but I’m wondering if it will be mispronounced…
: I think it’s handsome, but think of [name]Levi[/name] [name]Johnston[/name].
[name]Lowell[/name]: I think it’s handsome…
: [name]Marc[/name] feels dated to me…
[name]Marcus[/name]: [name]Marcus[/name] feels less dated to me than [name]Marc[/name], but still dated…You may also like [name]Cassius[/name] or [name]Darius[/name].
[name]Marshall[/name]: I think it’s really cool.
[name]Morris[/name]: In the nursing home with [name]Bertram[/name]…
[name]Mortimer[/name]: With [name]Bertram[/name] and [name]Morris[/name]…
[name]Nestor[/name]: I like some of your others more…
[name]Norman[/name] (family name): As a middle?
[name]Orson[/name]: I like it…
[name]Oscar[/name] (family name): I think it’s handsome…
[name]Osric[/name]: I think of Oreck, my vacuum cleaner brand. :slight_smile:
[name]Otto[/name]: Cool…
[name]Parker[/name]: Other surnames sound fresher to me, like [name]Archer[/name], [name]Abbott[/name], [name]Bennett[/name], [name]Conrad[/name], [name]Everett[/name], [name]Franklin[/name], [name]Gibson[/name], [name]Griffin[/name], [name]Harrison[/name], [name]Miles[/name], [name]Maxfield[/name], [name]Pierce[/name], [name]Quinlan[/name], [name]Reed[/name], [name]Sawyer[/name], [name]Shepherd[/name], [name]Sullivan[/name], [name]Tate[/name], [name]Truman[/name],[name]Vaughn[/name], [name]Winston[/name], [name]Winslow[/name], etc…
[name]Pascal[/name] (Pass-[name]CAL[/name] as in calvin): I think of a lamb…
[name]Patrick[/name]: Other Irish names sound fresher to me like [name]Declan[/name] or [name]Ronan[/name].
[name]Patton[/name] (family name): I can see it as a really handsome middle name…
[name]Paul[/name] (family name): I like it as a middle…
[name]Ransom[/name] (MN): Something you pay…
: I love it!
[name]Rhett[/name]: I like it a lot, also as a nickname for [name]Everett[/name]…
: I love it!
[name]Ripley[/name]: [name]Ripley[/name]'s Believe It Or Not, and after that, I think of Alien and the word ripple.
[name]River[/name]: I can see its appeal…
[name]Roald[/name]: Dahl.
[name]Robin[/name]: It’s on the feminine side to me…
[name]Samuel[/name]: I love [name]Samuel[/name]…
[name]Sebastien[/name]: Ditto…
: For some reason, I’ve never been a [name]Seth[/name] fan. You may also like [name]Abel[/name], [name]Ezra[/name], [name]Gideon[/name], [name]Gabriel[/name], [name]Micah[/name], [name]Reuben[/name], [name]Raphael[/name], [name]Simon[/name], [name]Solomon[/name], [name]Tobias[/name]…
[name]Shane[/name]*: It feels dated to me…
[name]Shepherd[/name]: I think it’s handsome…
[name]Simon[/name]: I love [name]Simon[/name]!
[name]Spencer[/name]: I like [name]Spencer[/name]…
[name]Stetson[/name] (NN [name]Sonny[/name]): I only think of a [name]Stetson[/name] hat. Other -son names: [name]Anderson[/name], [name]Harrison[/name], [name]Jameson[/name], [name]Wilson[/name]
[name]Tanner[/name]: It feels dated to me (1990s)
[name]Travis[/name]: (ditto)
[name]Trey[/name]: I think of a tray…
[name]Tristram[/name]: It looks like a combo of [name]Tristan[/name] and [name]Bertram[/name] to me, so I like some of your other names more…
[name]Warren[/name]: I like some of your others more…
[name]Winslow[/name]: I think it’s handsome…
[name]Winston[/name]: I love it!
[name]Wycliffe[/name]: I think of [name]Wyclef[/name] [name]Jean[/name]. You may also like [name]Clifton[/name] or [name]Wyatt[/name], or [name]Whittaker[/name].

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I put them in lists…

NAMES I [name]LOVE[/name]:

[name]Benedict[/name] - nn [name]Ben[/name] and [name]Benny[/name] are cute.