New baby is home, but her name doesn't feel right!

My new baby girl is home and named - [name]Violet[/name] [name]Catherine[/name]. I loved the name before, but now that she is home and I have to say it and write it, something doesn’t feel quite right anymore. Maybe I’m freaking, but all of a sudden it sounds too frilly and frail. I’m also hearing the word Violence and Vile. I’m also having a hard time seeing it as serious enough for a grown woman. I know this is so bad, but I thought someone on hear could relate or give me some insight.

My other choices for her were [name]Scarlett[/name], (but didn’t like the Scar part)
[name]Charlotte[/name] (thought it might be too trendy/popular)
Now I’m thinking a classic name would suit her best.

What do you all think of her name? What do you think of when you hear the name [name]Violet[/name]?

I really like the name [name]Violet[/name], but if you are hearing negative words when you hear it, and you think it doesn’t suit her, then you should definietly change it!

What about something like [name]Grace[/name]. [name]Grace[/name] [name]Scarlett[/name] ([name]Gracie[/name]) or [name]Scarlett[/name] [name]Grace[/name] ([name]Lettie[/name]) Of course [name]Lettie[/name] could also be her nn with [name]Violet[/name]??!

What does our husband think?

I love [name]Violet[/name]. I think it’s very pretty and it is a classic. [name]Violet[/name] [name]Catherine[/name] is a great combo. I personally don’t think of violent at all, but that is something I’ve heard others express. I also happen to think it will age rather well, and can imagine her going by the nn Vie if the flowery aspect of the name ends up not suiting her.
BUT, you should be completely in love with the name, so if it’s not right for you, better to change it sooner rather than later.

I think [name]Violet[/name] [name]Catherine[/name] is lovely.

However, if you’re really thinking about changing it, I also like [name]Charlotte[/name] (which was on your list). Personally, I think it’s a very classic name, but also modern.

Other ideas might be:

[name]Isabella[/name] (though it is v. popular)

[name]Just[/name] a suggestion, but could you switch her first and middle names? Would [name]Catherine[/name] sound more appropriate for her? Then it wouldn’t be so much of a change. [name]Catherine[/name] [name]Violet[/name] is beautiful!

I think [name]Violet[/name] is a gorgeous classic, and pares beautifully with [name]Catherine[/name]!

I think that hearing negative words may be temporary, as there is quite an overload of doubt after y”ur child is born (I remember it well). However, if you don’t feel that the name suits her, then that is a different matter.

You would most probably like other -t ending names, too - how about [name]Alouette[/name], which is the French word for lark. You can also search by name ending here on Nameberry :slight_smile:

Good luck, and once again, [name]Violet[/name] is a beautiful floral, colour name!

[name]How[/name] old is she? I’d give it a few weeks and see how you feel then. My oldest son’s name didn’t feel right for several weeks but he grew into it and now I can’t imagine him with any other name.

I think [name]Violet[/name] is a beautiful name and it will be fine for a grown up as well as a child.

Good luck

I think it’s beautiful and wouldn’t change it at all. If you feel like you want something a bit stronger, why not call her by her mn, [name]Catherine[/name]?

On second thought, I quite agree with this! I didn’t feel completely comfortable with my son’s name for months after he was born, but now it fits him so well. If I would have changed his name to what I wanted, it would have been a mistake. I agree that, in time, she will be [name]Violet[/name] and nothing else will fit!

I agree, [name]Violet[/name] [name]Catherine[/name] is a lovely name, but if it doesn’t suit your baby girl, then change it! There is no shame in that.

What does your daughter look like? What is her personality like? [name]Do[/name] you feel that [name]Violet[/name] is too frilly in general, or is it too frilly for HER? If she doesn’t have a fussy, girly-girl personality, then maybe a more simple name would work better, a la [name]Charlotte[/name].

I’m not a fan of [name]Scarlett[/name], and it has the same frilly issue as [name]Violet[/name], but [name]Charlotte[/name] is one of my personal favorites. I’m of the belief that popularity shouldn’t stand in the way of a name you love, but if you feel otherwise, certainly don’t choose it.

[name]Say[/name] your daughter is sweet, gentle, calm, relaxed, but bubbly and fun when she wants to be. Especially if she is blond, perhaps [name]Lucy[/name] [name]Catherine[/name] would be an ideal choice.

If your daughter is serious and contemplative, but spunky and sassy, perhaps [name]Sarah[/name] [name]Catherine[/name] would be a good choice, with the fun “[name]Sadie[/name]” nickname, even! This would be darling on a little girl with red hair or brown hair, particularly curls, in my opinion. [name]Sarah[/name] is a universal name, though, so it works on everyone!

If your daughter is shy and reserved, curious and cute, adventurous and intelligent, perhaps [name]Hazel[/name] [name]Catherine[/name] would be a good choice! I see this mostly on a girl with light brown hair…

Once you answer those questions, and really think about your daughter’s personality, maybe the right name will come to you. If not, or if you need more help, I’d be more than happy to assist you!

[name]Both[/name] our kids’ names sounded strange when they were tiny. But they grew into their names. I’m sure that little [name]Violet[/name] will grow into her name, too. If not, [name]Catherine[/name] is lovely! Lots of people go by their middle names. I use my middle name. It’s important to think about her, too, as she gets older. Lots of girls nowadays would love to have the name [name]Violet[/name]. I love the idea of calling her [name]Lettie[/name].

I love the name [name]Violet[/name] [name]Catherine[/name]…it is beautiful and I think it is definitely a classic name! My husband and I both love classic names and [name]Violet[/name] was a strong contender for our DD’s name…hubby is still holding onto it if we have a 2nd daughter! The violence and vile assocation are never anything I would think of when I hear the name [name]Violet[/name]. [name]Charlotte[/name] is also a beautiful name but I am not sure it flows well with [name]Catherine[/name]? It really is a beautiful name and I hope you stick with it…of course it has to feel right for you! Good luck with your decision!

[name]Hi[/name], so sorry you are having some name remorse! how old is she? I [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Violet[/name] [name]Catherine[/name] for what is is worth I think it is beautiful and classic. I NEVER thought of the word violent at all:-) I think of a pretty flower and [name]Catherine[/name] makes me think of a strong woman, a queen I suppose! I do not think you should change it, I think you are probably just having second thoughts and are maybe hormonal! LOL! I think it is much better then your other 2 choices. Also she could go by Vie, ( which means life) or Vivey, [name]Lettie[/name], or even [name]Catherine[/name].

I went through the SAME thing, I named my second son [name]Rhys[/name] [name]Patrick[/name] and NO ONE knew how to say his name ( like [name]Reece[/name]) and no one could spell it. I felt like I cursed him and started thinking I should have named him [name]Asher[/name], [name]Jasper[/name], some of my other names I liked. However he is [name]Rhys[/name] now and I can’t imagine it any other way - good luck but [name]Violet[/name]'s awesome.

I really like the name [name]Violet[/name] [name]Catherine[/name], but if you are having second thoughts, I would change it to [name]Catherine[/name] (beautiful!) or [name]Charlotte[/name] (another beautiful name!)

I love [name]Violet[/name] [name]Catherine[/name]!! It is beautiful and classic. I had some remorse about my daughter’s name too because it sounds very grown-up on a little baby, but I love it now. I think you will love it if you give it a little more time.

Firstly, I think that [name]Violet[/name] [name]Catherine[/name] is a beautiful name.

I don’t see it as a frilly name but if you reversed it and spelt it as [name]Katherine[/name] [name]Violet[/name], nn [name]Kate[/name] you would get more of the [name]Katherine[/name] Hepburn spunkiness that you may be looking for.

In regards to [name]Scarlett[/name] her nn could be [name]Carly[/name] which I think is a wonderful nn.

[name]Charlotte[/name] is a strong name and I love the nn of [name]Charlie[/name], but not in love with nn of [name]Lottie[/name] but she could be [name]Carly[/name] too.

When I see the name [name]Violet[/name] I think of a lovely lady I knew once.

Of course, you could go with [name]Viola[/name] (vee ola). Either [name]Viola[/name] [name]Catherine[/name] or [name]Katherine[/name] [name]Viola[/name] work well together.

I can see ‘violent’ in [name]Violet[/name] but only fleetingly and I think that would fade altogether after a while of having a happy, beautiful baby with a pretty flower name.

All the best, she does have a lovely name but if you are not happy with it then think it through and see if you can find something that feels like the right fit.

I love [name]Violet[/name]…have you seen “the Incredibles”…the character [name]Violet[/name] is adorable…

what other names are you considering?

some suggestions…none “frilly”

V names:


[name]Flower[/name]/Botanical names:




good luck and let us know (:

I think [name]Violet[/name] [name]Catherine[/name] is a great combination, and you should definitely give it some time before giving it up entirely. :slight_smile:

However, just as a thought, WDYT of the names [name]Collette[/name] and [name]Celeste[/name]? They have similiar endings to your other favourites, and they don’t have as many word associations as [name]Violet[/name].
[name]Collette[/name] Virgina
[name]Collette[/name] [name]Oceane[/name]
[name]Collette[/name] [name]Amelia[/name]
[name]Celeste[/name] [name]Madeleine[/name]
[name]Celeste[/name] [name]Evangeline[/name]
[name]Celeste[/name] [name]Paloma[/name]
[name]Penelope[/name] [name]Celeste[/name]

You might also like: [name]Juliet[/name] (sorry if that’s already been suggested). [name]Juliet[/name] [name]Catherine[/name] is lovely!

Good luck! :slight_smile:

[name]Violet[/name] [name]Catherine[/name] is a classic name…i hope all goes well for you :slight_smile:

I believe that [name]Violet[/name] [name]Catherine[/name] is soo lovely… I can see it on a grown up and a baby too.

[name]Violet[/name] is just too beautiful and she could go by nn [name]Vi[/name] which is adorable…and [name]Catherine[/name] is a classic and it has a timeless appeal.

I would advise you to take some time and think it over and I am certain that the name will grow on you…

Good [name]Luck[/name]!

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