New Report about Jessica Simpson's baby's name

So [name]Jessica[/name] [name]Simpson[/name] hasn’t had her baby yet as far as I know, but I just came across this article that the name may have possibly leaked. I’m not sure if it’s entirely true, but the possible name for her little girl is…[name]Maxwell[/name]!

Here’s the link:

Never heard this used on a girl before…hmm…what do you berries think?


Why ?why would she name a girl that??? Awful!
[name]Hope[/name] its not true!

I personally wouldn’t choose that name for my baby girl, it’s to masculine sounding to me. But it’s not like my opinion really matter because it’s not my child. But if it is true I like that the name has meaning to [name]Jessica[/name] and her fiance. I also hope that they at least give her a really girly middle name, not like [name]Lindsay[/name] [name]Sloane[/name] naming her daughter [name]Maxwell[/name] [name]Lou[/name].

I am naming my son (due next month) [name]Maxwell[/name]. It’s a very strong, masculine name, celebrity trends notwithstanding.

InTouch mag. has an interview on why she chose it. It’s [name]Eric[/name]'s middle name and his mothers (grandmothers?) maiden name. They’re going to call her [name]Maxi[/name]

I personally dont like the trend of little girls having boys name. I am kinda of suprised, I always pictured [name]Jessica[/name] [name]Simpson[/name] picking a very girly name.

I can appreciate the reasoning behind it but I heartily dislike it for a girl. If she wanted to use a name that had personal significance, she could have chosen another or another way of honoring the [name]Maxwell[/name]'s in her family. Or she could have saved it for a son… or even the middle spot! Ultimately though, it is her decision and we have to respect that… it could be worse, and it isn’t too terrible. But it is surprising that girly girl [name]Jessica[/name] [name]Simpson[/name] would not give her daughter a very feminine name!

[name]Maxwell[/name] for a girl? Weird. Why couldn’t they have named her [name]Maxina[/name] nn [name]Maxy[/name]? Or [name]Maxine[/name]? About time those names came back.

I think that the name [name]Maxwell[/name] for a girl is kind if cute.

[name]Maxi[/name] is horrific. Makes me think of [name]Maxi[/name] pads.

I will go with [name]Jessica[/name] [name]Simpson[/name] … looking good for girls.

[name]Maxwell[/name] is more for a boy, but it would be ok for a girl in the middle name spot. I also would have expected a girly name from [name]Jessica[/name] [name]Simpson[/name]!!!

-------------------------- [name]Ella[/name]

While I do like some boy names on girls, I absolutely HATE [name]Maxwell[/name] on a little girl. [name]Maxine[/name] would be better I guess.

I really like [name]Max[/name]/[name]Maxwell[/name] for a boy, but for a girl?


But to be honest, if they called her [name]Maxwell[/name], it wouldn’t be so bad. Frankly, [name]Max[/name] would be a better nickname than [name]MAXI[/name]. [name]Maxi[/name] makes me think of comments about maxi-sized or word, maxi pads. I read a book wherin the main girl was called [name]Max[/name], and it worked so much better.

I don’t like [name]Maxwell[/name] for a girl, but I’ve always loved the nn [name]Max[/name] for a girl. I just don’t like the name [name]Maxine[/name], so I would never use it. It also reminds me of [name]Max[/name] from the movie Orphan, and [name]Max[/name] from Two Broke Girls.