New sidebar

I’m not too fond of the new sidebar with links to blog posts and user lists. I find it awkward to have to centre my eyes on a point to the left of the centre of my screen. I don’t actually look at the lists very often so I wouldn’t need a special link to them… maybe some people want it… Is it possible to make it something we can choose to show or not show?

Or is my computer just going crazy and this doesn’t show for others?

I dislike it as well :confused:

I see it too and also dislike it. It pushed everything right against the left of my screen. I feel like everything over there is already linked on the home page or is easy to get to in the drop down menus and it doesn’t need to be there.

It’s horrible and confusing. It looks lopsided and that makes my head spin… :frowning:

There needs to be a way for us to hide it if we don’t want it there. Looking to the left is annoying.

Okay good, I thought it was just me and my computer was doing something funky. I agree, having to look left instead of just center is rather irritating.

Especially since as soon as you scroll down past the first post or two on a thread, all that’s left on the right is empty white space. I thought the site was broken at first.

Oooh, no. I want the old one back. Or just at least a button to switch back for those who don’t want it .

I don’t like it.

It’s made the layout all funny.

I am totally confused! I really don’t like it. I keep trying to log in and accidentally keep opening super search.

The layout on the iPad looks like when you open an iPhone app on the iPad. It’s all centered on the screen and lots of white space. Hmmm. It used to look just like on a computer.

Yeah, the new layout is really weird. It looks like the site isn’t loading right.

The position of the search bar up the the corner is a pain too, I got so lost!

I don’t like it either everyones posts and join date is so small as well and I’ve never used lists so I find it pointless and the white space annoys me

I honestly dislike it…a lot!!

Since most people are right-handed, shouldn’t the forums be on the right side? And where on earth is the “new post” button? It seems to have disappeared. The overabundance of white screen is a waste of space.

I agree, the new format does’t work for me. I also can’t find the ‘latest threads’ button which is something I use all the time. I rarely look at the lists.

this is weird, haven’t been on in a couple of days. I thought the forums were broken. :frowning: Not a fan of this layout. Driving me nuts that it’s not centered. It also feels redundant to have those links on the right. They’re easily available with a click of the ‘home’ or ‘lists’ button.

Am I the only one who likes it? I think it’s quite nice to have everything accessible. What I don’t like is the moving of Search and Login. I keep going to click Login when I want to search for a name.

I don’t mind it after trying it out for a couple of days. But yes the white part on the right seems like a waste of space, the layout is also a little less fluid.