New Unisex Name?

What do you guys think of [name]Fraser[/name] on a girl? I adore it on a boy (and if anything prefer it on a boy), but I can’t help but also see it on a girl. Other names a la [name]Fraser[/name] (for both genders and excluding the obvious ones like [name]Harper[/name] and [name]Piper[/name]/[name]Fifer[/name]):

If you have read any of my other posts, you may well know I am a tad adventurous in naming, but I usually come to my senses after a day or two (anyone remember [name]Sundance[/name]?). Any and all input and opinions welcome. [name]Honesty[/name] is the best policy, right?

I really, really dislike all of those for a girl. Most of them don’t sound good for a boy either!
However, I do know someone with a teenage daughter named [name]Spencer[/name]. Sibling (also a girl) [name]Jensen[/name].

Fraiser I can see on a girl. I don’t really like it though. But it could really work.
I only like [name]Chandler[/name], and [name]Spencer[/name] on girls. Only because the first people I’d ever heard of with said names were female. [name]Chandler[/name] seem rather girlish to me too.

[name]Miller[/name] is so not a girls name.
[name]Faulkner[/name] is awful to name anyone, especially a girl.
[name]Sylvester[/name] is straight up and down male.
[name]Thayer[/name] is alright, but still male to me.
[name]Asher[/name] could work fine, but there’s enough [name]Ash[/name]- names for girls as is. [name]Ashley[/name] was originally male, and now almost exclusively female. [name]Asher[/name] and [name]Ashton[/name] are the only boy ways to really get the nn [name]Ash[/name].
I personally don’t get the whole “using boys names on girls” trend, and I’m not a fan of it either so that’s why my opinions may seem really harsh. Some boys names sound good on girl imo though. Like [name]Dylan[/name], [name]Ashley[/name], [name]Spencer[/name], [name]Chandler[/name], [name]Cameron[/name], [name]Madison[/name], [name]Courtney[/name].

east93 haha harsh is good! Personally I am not a fan of unisex names on girls in general (with the exception of [name]River[/name] on a girl) and usually stray to masculine if not southern names for boys and quirky/classic/eccentric but feminine names for girl (with the exception of [name]River[/name]). This was all conjecture. I find these names alright with the exception of a few, in that I would like seeing a little girl _______er, but, alas, would never use it myself. Nice to meet another teenberry though!

[name]Micah[/name], hadley, [name]Rowan[/name], arleigh, marlo,[name]Maycen[/name] are my fav unisex -for girls.

All the names you listed are all boy.

[name]Asha[/name] is the girls way of spelling asher btw. [name]Milla[/name] ([name]Miller[/name]).

I would use [name]Milla[/name], [name]Asha[/name] for girls.

What about [name]Sawyer[/name]?

[name]Rory[/name]? [name]Bowen[/name]?

I dislike most of those names in general, but I definitely don’t like them for a girl.

I love unisex names as you can tell by my children’s names! I don’t know if some of these are quite ready to become unisex. Most unisex names have a certain style and spunky appeal to me that some of these just don’t have.

[name]Fraser[/name] - this just kind of feels middle aged man to me and I don’t know about it on a girl
[name]Miller[/name] - [name]Love[/name] this for a girl! [name]Milly[/name] is such a cute NN
[name]Asher[/name] - I can definitely see this on girls but I think [name]Ashton[/name] might be better
[name]Chandler[/name] - [name]LOVE[/name]!!! We are considering this for our twins whether boy or girl!
[name]Faulkner[/name] - I really hate this name in general so I am not the one too ask
[name]Spencer[/name] - I know 2 female Spencers so this is definitely a possible girls name to me
[name]Sylvester[/name] - This just feels out of style in general and not ready to comeback for either gender
[name]Thayer[/name] - Seeing as this is a form of [name]Taylor[/name] and [name]Taylor[/name] is pretty rampant for girls I think it is possible but I still feel like it is more for boys