New Year Resolutions?

[name_u]Happy[/name_u] [name_u]New[/name_u] Year’s!!

I want to thank this community for bringing so much light into an otherwise dark 2020 for me. Discussing names (of all things, names - but I’m obsessed) with you all have been so meaningful and I have learned so much. [name_f]My[/name_f] appreciation for the meaning of names and its impact on one’s identity has grown sooo much from this forum, and met some amazingly supportive people along the way. Thank you all once again!

I want to provide a space for any- and everyone to share their [name_u]New[/name_u] Year’s Resolutions, if you wish. I sometimes find sharing them publically makes them more “concrete” and motivates me, as it becomes not only a personal goal but one others will see you achieve. It also allows me to feel more of a sense of community and a shared ambition to each become our own better selves.

Hope you have a wonderful 2021!! :two_hearts:


Mine is to stop being so antisocial & make some friends! :joy:


Happy [name_u]New[/name_u] Year!

Mine are to write more and to practice drawing more. Plus, learning the entire Armenian alphabet!


Mine is to swim twice a week (pending gyms stay open with no COVID spikes in my area :pray:t2:)


Mine are:

  1. To spend less time on social media
  2. Get back into piano
  3. Get back into ballet (if possible, as classes are shut at the moment)
  4. Learn Korean
    1. Graduating uni for the last time + make peace with the fact that I’ve been delayed these past few years since the shame I’m feeling is not conducive to productivity or my mental well-being.
    1. After the first point: find a job and a new place to live. The ‘good’ news is that once I graduate I’ll have a degree in an area of law that - quite morbidly - will be much in demand. So really point one seems much scarier to me at this stage.
    1. I’ll be stuck at home for the biggest part of the year in all likelihood, I should ensure that my muscles haven’t completely atrophied by [name_u]Christmas[/name_u] 2021.
    1. Drink more water.

I’ll also share things I’ve accomplished in 2020 that were some vague new year’s resolutions last year:

  • I am rocking it on the language learning apps, fingers crossed I’ll make it to two years of consecutive daily practice on Duolingo this year.
  • I’ve gotten much better at cooking, and also more consistent in eating my meals.
  • I have put the hours into my studies, I just don’t have the ‘luxury’ anymore to sit around for 20 hours a day behind my screen waiting for something to stick to make me feel like I’ve done enough.

Phew, this really does feel like a note to self.


Oh my goodness that’s so awesome!! I’m a swimmer as well and I think it’s the best sport there is :slight_smile:


I play piano and used to do ballet as well!! And I think learning a new language is so cool. Best of luck!!

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This is one ambitious list.

    1. I’ll be stuck at home for the biggest part of the year in all likelihood, I should ensure that my muscles haven’t completely atrophied by Christmas 2021.
    1. Drink more water.

I’VE NEVER RELATED MORE - I literally drink about 2 cups of water a day, and besides swimming, I’m essentially a couch potato.

Quarantine really hit hard.


Clean my dang room
Learn calligraphy
Get back into DuoLingo
Get either an additional job or one that is better paying than my current one, hopefully get tuition reimbursement and finally start grad school
Reconnect with friends
Get comfortable driving highways
Learn guitar


I take goals very seriously! I didn’t want to share my goals here until I was sure about each of them, but it’s the 3rd of [name_u]January[/name_u] and I think I am ready to share!

My goals are broken down into four different categories that I feel are most central in my life at the moment:

Personal Growth

I won’t go into detail about my individual plans for each goal (some aren’t even planned yet! It takes quite some time!) but I’ll share a few central goals from each category.

My goals are also defined by time. [name_f]My[/name_f] smaller goals are in 3-month categories ([name_u]Jan[/name_u]-[name_f]Mar[/name_f], Apr-[name_m]Jun[/name_m], Jul-[name_m]Sep[/name_m], Oct-Dec), medium goals in 6-month categories, and BIGGEST goals in 12-month categories. I have goals beyond 12 months, but I don’t think they’re the point of this post. :slight_smile:

Despite my chronic illness, none of my health goals surround that. It’s something that is mostly out of control, but I hope each of the things I do here will help me manage it.

  • Halve my OCD medication dosage 20mg -> 10mg (6-month goal)
  • Consistently eat 3 healthy meals a day, and learn to cook them. (3-month goal)
  • Identify and monitor all of my food allergies (12-month goal)
  • Run once a week (3-month goal)


  • Speak kinder to me. The relationship you have with yourself is the only one you are guaranteed to have for your entire life. Be kind. (12-month goal, but also ongoing)
  • Dedicate a time each week to spend with my mother (3-month goal)
  • Respond to all of my texts by the end of the day. I’m notoriously bad at replying to texts. (6-month goal)
  • Unlearn toxic behaviors in a long-term relationship. It’s hard to admit, but I have been manipulative to my partner in the past. He has been so patient, and it’s my responsibility to do better in that area. (12-month goal, but also ongoing)
  • Compliment people more often. (3-month goal)


  • Graduate! (12-month goal)
  • Get accepted into university (12-month goal)
  • Ask more questions. [name_f]Do[/name_f] not fear looking stupid or asking a silly question. (6-month goal)
  • Organise school papers when I receive them. (3-month goal)
  • Respond faster to academic emails. [name_f]Do[/name_f] not wait THREE weeks before opening important ones. (6-month goal)
  • Become graduating valedictorian. BIG goal. (12-month goal)


  • Become a more confident driver (6-month goal)
  • Read 20 books from a variety of genres. I read 11 last year. (12-month goal)
  • Lower screen time to under 5 hours a day. Currently, it’s 7. It’s very embarrassing. (6-month goal)
  • Lower my voice. [name_m]Just[/name_m] because I can’t hear myself doesn’t mean others can’t. I have a VERY loud voice because I’m partially deaf. It can drive people crazy! (12-month goal)
  • Save up X amount of money. I probably shouldn’t share the exact amount here. (6-month goal)
  • Complete the draft for my story I am writing (12-month goal)

I have a few more, but they are quite personal or involve religion which is generally avoided on Nameberry. This may seem ambitious, but I figure I should aim high. I’ll be focusing on a few goals from each group at a time, not all at once! THAT would be a bit crazy!


I know it’s not quite the end of the year yet, but part of me hopes that I can look back on this list the next time and confidently say I managed to do all.

So thing is, I GRADUATED and I feel as though I have made peace with my delay, it has made me a more grounded person going into the harrowing process that is job interviews. Maturity is a gift. On the other hand though, I have a job interview tomorrow and I sort of just want to hide. The anxiety is real. I SO hope that I will have found a job and moved apartments by the end of the year.

As to the other points on my list, I have been drinking a lot of tea so I hope that sort of counts as water, it’s a watery liquid at least. I don’t think there’s much muscle on me left, however. Also, still rocking it on the language learning apps, and I hit that two-year Duolingo mark.