"Nick" Names

What are your favourite variants of [name]Nicholas[/name] {e.g [name]Nicola[/name], [name]Nicolai[/name]/[name]Nikolai[/name]}? I quite like “[name]Nico[/name]” as a nickname, but I don’t like [name]Nicholas[/name]. Any ideas?

I like [name]Nikolai[/name] best :slight_smile:

[name]Nicomedes[/name] or Nicodéme would be my favourites.

There’s also [name]Nicabar[/name], Nicander, Nicanor, [name]Nicasio[/name], [name]Nicolo[/name], [name]Nickleby[/name], Nicocles, Nicodemus and Nicomachus.
Or Finnick?

What about [name]Dominic[/name]?

I prefer names that start with the [name]Nic[/name]- part, but [name]Dominic[/name] is nice :slight_smile:

I’ve heard Niklaus before, that is all I can think of!