What do you think of the name Ninel? My only point of reference so far is Mexican starlet Ninel [name]Conde[/name], who is now infamous for the whoppers she posted on Twitter (“My prayers go out to those affected by the surimi in Japan,” is but one of many.) Putting that aside, do you like the name?

Hey at least she didn’t say god sent the tsunami to Japan to kill non Christians! Heart in right place, head empty.

Ninel is a pretty name but I dont know if you might want to alter the spelling to make the pronunciation more clear?
Ninelle just looks better to me, but at the same time I wouldn’t want to create a bastard spelling that may be more confusing .

Woodensandals - if you read Spanish then go to Facebook, “Los Chistes de Ninel [name]Conde[/name],” and get ready to laugh!

I agree that Ninelle looks prettier. Plus, it does make the pronunciation more evident.