NN for Simon

Sorry if this has been asked recently the search button is not working for me. Anyways i just got back from a visit with my boyfriends family and was rethinking [name]Simon[/name].
I love [name]Simon[/name], i love the way it sounds, i love the fact that it is soft. My boyfriends loves it too. The problem is i have no idea what i would nn him, and my boyfriends family is really into nn as well. (everyone is called the first syllable of their name mostly)
I do not like the idea of [name]Si[/name] (a sound you make when you are tired) or [name]Mo[/name] (drunk on the simpsons) or [name]Sime[/name] (way to close to slime for me)
I do not care if it does not sound remotely like [name]Simon[/name], and by the way i kinda like feminine sounding nns for boys. It should be one syllable. I do realize that i am not pregnant and will probably call [name]Simon[/name] something weird like pumpkinhead when the time actually comes along.
I would just like to have something to steer people towards in terms of a nickname. And allow me to add the name to the list in peace, instead of stressing over nns.

Wow, that ended up being really long, thanks in advance to all of those creative enough to try and throw out ideas.

  • [name]Alison[/name]

Why does [name]Simon[/name] need a nickname?? It’s only two syllables. [name]Si[/name] seems the most natural, and it doesn’t remind me of sighing. I actually have a cousin nicknamed [name]Si[/name] ([name]Cy[/name]). I suppose there’s [name]Sim[/name] or [name]Son[/name], and that’s all I can think of… I really like the name [name]Simon[/name], anyway. I think a forced nickname could kind of ruin it, because it’s a perfectly fine name on its own.

I posted because [name]Corey[/name] got turned into [name]Cor[/name]. Does not seem to matter how short it is, they always want to make it shorter.

I also love the name [name]Simon[/name] and have had the some considerations. I don’t dislike [name]Si[/name], but I don’t love it either. I kind of dig [name]Sim[/name] or Sims, though.