No One Likes Our Favorite Name…

So… I’m trying very hard to find and acclamate to a new girl name. No one we come across seems to like the name Leesie like we do, and I don’t want our baby (Due in Jan) to get the same odd or negative reactions when telling someone her name. But it does feel like we’re losing an old friend to give up on the name we’ve been calling her. Anyway, I thought it might help me to move on if I can get thoughts on why others would feel negative toward the name Leesie. No one has said anything about why… they just have odd reactions.


It’s unusual, and some people aren’t as receptive towards names they’re unfamiliar with. I can almost guarantee that they will change their tune once she’s here and the name is attached to her, someone they love. [name_f]My[/name_f] nana tried to talk my mom out of my name through the whole pregnancy but she denies it now and has never said anything negative about my name since I was born.


It’s the first time I hear it, I can’t say I love it but I don’t see how it would have a negative impact on a baby, I mean not everyone will love it but I don’t think people would hate it either. They’ll get used to it once they attach it to a person. If you love it and it’s not something that will do a disservice to your baby, go for it!
You can also use it as a middle eventually.


I’ve heard it used as a nickname for [name_f]Elise[/name_f], but spelled Lisi. I can understand spelling it Leesie. Perhaps if you used [name_f]Elise[/name_f] as her formal name you would get a different reaction to the name Leesie.


For me my first response is curiosity. I immediately know it’s a name that I am unfamiliar with, and then I am compelled because I typically don’t find myself unfamiliar with a name as a lover of etymology. Searching name berry nothing comes up except a few articles, one on Finnish names having double vowels, but I don’t see Leesie on the list. Searching the web I can’t find a history behind the name or a set meaning besides sites that give “moods, vibes, soul numbers etc”. That’s fine but for me it’s very unappealing because I like names with a rich meaning and history. For me giving a child a name is almost like a chance to give your child a small blessing of sorts.

The plus side is even if Leesie would be in the category “made up or modern name” (which it may not be, it could just be my ignorance on this name) then it is a very appealing made up name. The sounds are very easy for an [name_f]English[/name_f] speaker and intuitive to speak and spell.

Those are all my thoughts. [name_f]Hope[/name_f] it helps! Whatever you decide will be perfect for her! Congratulations on your little girl :sparkling_heart:


Unless you choose a very popular name I definitely wouldn’t expect most people to immediately say they like it. Also I don’t think having the name Leesie would get negative reactions in general. Probably a bunch of “what was that? Leesie?” [name_m]Just[/name_m] because its not common.

Anyway, the reason Id say its not getting a positive reaction is because its not popular or classic. Its nicknamey but not a very established nickname. Also the spelling doesn’t really appeal to me either for some reason. Maybe its the nickname thing since its not spelled like [name_f]Elise[/name_f] or [name_u]Lisa[/name_u]. Reminds me of fleece? Cheese?

If you love Leesie but want a more popular first name go with an established name that you can use Leesie as a nickname.


I think Leesie is so so cute. [name_u]An[/name_u] unusual name, and such a beauty.

I suppose people are just taken aback at first because they’ve never heard of the name—and perhaps also because they’re not sure how to spell it immediately.

I know two Lissy’s (pronounced LEE-sie, just like your girl) as nicknames for [name_f]Elise[/name_f] and [name_f]Elisa[/name_f]. I call them both by [name_f]Lissy[/name_f] almost exclusively. It’s such a gorgeous, roll-of-the-tongue, flowers in the springtime, pepper and brightness name. I really like Leesie, and I think you’ve chosen quite an intuitive spelling! It’s beautiful. :bouquet::yellow_heart:


[name_f]My[/name_f] 2 cents are its a nickname thats not often given or used as a stand alone name. To me it feels like when people shorten ‘Charlotte’ to ‘Shar’ or [name_f]Marissa[/name_f] to ‘Rissa’ a natural nickname but people dont name their daughters ‘Shar’ or ‘Rissa’

However with Leesie there’s no reason it couldnt be a stand alone name its just not usually done. And you cant please everyone. We had some strong opposition to our daughters unique names. And I have an aunt who vehemently opposed her grandsons name, she called it ugly and unappealing and what was it? [name_m]Oliver[/name_m]. You just cant win em all. Whats most important is that you love it and I dont think Leesie will have any negative impact on her. If it really bothers you there are a plethora of both common and unique names that could get you the nickname ‘Leesie’ (right now Im really loving Everlise). I would hate for you to lose the name you love because of others negative comments


I think Leesie is really cute, I like it a lot! I personally would choose a different spelling but that’s just my preference. I agree with the others it could work also really well as a nickname for a longer name!


People often react badly or less favourably to things that are new to them. Equally, to names that are untraditional or nicknamey. I think people would come round if she was named Leesie


If you love it, I say go for it! We can’t please everyone, unfortunately. It’s a fine and cute name! The spelling is a bit unusual, but it works. [name_f]My[/name_f] dad has a cousin named [name_f]Lissy[/name_f] but it’s pronounced like “Leesie”. I also like the idea of maybe using a longer form, if you’re worried?


I’m afraid I agree with this in terms of the spelling, partly because so many names with a ‘lee’ sound are spelled ‘li’ like [name_f]Elise[/name_f], [name_u]Lisa[/name_u], [name_f]Annelise[/name_f], [name_f]Liesel[/name_f] (although it may depend where you are, I know a -lee ending on girls names is incredibly popular in the states so perhaps that makes it more intuitive?). It also looks a smidge like a misspelling of [name_u]Leslie[/name_u] to me, in fact my phone’s autocorrect thinks that’s what it is.

However, I think the sound is pretty, and if someone said it aloud I’d probably assume it was Lisi and short for [name_f]Elisabeth[/name_f], [name_f]Elise[/name_f] etc, although I would not be surprised if Lisi was a standalone. The Leesie spelling does not feel so much like a standalone name somehow but more like a pet name for a child. I’m struggling to see it on a grown person.

All of that being said, names are incredibly subjective and if Leesie is ‘the one’ for you then it’s the one! Your love for the name is the most important thing and other people can deal with it and frankly, get over it :smirk:


Reminds me of [name_f]Lissie[/name_f], which I love! Maybe you could go for [name_u]Lee[/name_u] or Lissie/Elise or even [name_u]Leslie[/name_u], but call her Leesie? Leesie is a bit like a nickname so that’s maybe why people are reserved about it.

There is nothing negative about it! People will get used to it when they hear it more.


It’s cute! Kids are called [name_f]Lizzie[/name_f] and [name_u]Lisa[/name_u]. Nothing wrong with Leesie.


She denies it now :joy::joy: omg that’s funny.

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I think the other posters are exactly right. If you announced once baby was born (maybe with a cute name announcement photo) then no one would say anything.
I’m guessing people feel like they might be missing something because it’s one they haven’t heard or seen. Like they’re wondering if it’s a nickname, or maybe [name_f]Gracie[/name_f] or [name_u]Reese[/name_u].
Choose what you love best and fits your baby. If you love Leesie maybe find a formal name?
[name_f]Felicity[/name_f] nn Leesie is super cute!

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This made me so sad! Please use the name you love regardless of what others think. They will come around. With my first baby, I had a similar thing happen. No one liked one of the names on our list. We ended up using that one and suddenly everyone magically loved it. She is 9 now, gets compliments on it all the time, and I actually know of THREE friends of friends who used the same name for their babies because our mutual friend told them about my daughter’s name. There is nothing negative about Leesie at all! It’s just unfamiliar to people… right now. Your sweet girl will make it familiar and those odd reactions will go away. With my other babies, I didn’t tell anyone the names until AFTER they were born. :laughing:


Reactions that I can see people having right away:

  1. Looks like mispelled Leslie

  2. Are they naming a kid after Game of Thrones?? (Khaleesy)??

  3. Fleas…y?

  4. or, fleecy? (E.g. Like wooly? Or fuzzy?)

  5. Or sleazy?

  6. It very easily calls to mind pet-names ie those playful nicknames that only your family or childhood friends would call you. But not a real name. For example, “LeeLee” / “Li-Li”, a fun shortname for Cecilia or Alicia or Aliyah etc. Or Jack-Jack, for a Jackson or Jack.

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I don’t think you should let people talk you out of the name if you love it a lot. There’s nothing objectively wrong with the name, some people are just more traditional and only like very common (and boring, in my opinion) names. It’s very “namey” because it sounds a lot like [name_f]Elise[/name_f], [name_u]Lisa[/name_u], and [name_f]Liesl[/name_f]. I think also the popularity of actress [name_f]Niecy[/name_f] [name_m]Nash[/name_m] might help. But trust me, people will have an issue with almost any name. I have a friend whose parents were very vocal about hating the name [name_f]Ella[/name_f] because it’s “too modern” and “not common” (it’s literally been in the top 20 for 13 years :woman_facepalming:). So just remember you won’t please everyone, but it’s your baby and all that matters is that you love the name.