Normally, I hate made up names...

But there is one that keeps coming back to my mind. I used to be a huge [name]Star[/name] Trek TNG fan, and there was a character mentioned, a little girl named Kestra. I remember loving the name even back then, and I keep thinking about it. Is it really so bad? It reminds me a bit of my grandmother’s name, [name]Esther[/name], which I would like to honor somehow. The only problem is that I am really not fond of [name]Esther[/name], [name]Aster[/name], [name]Hester[/name], or any of the other variations I can find. I do like Kestra, though. It’s different but it doesn’t sound totally weird, at least to me.


It doesn’t sound weird to me at all for some reason. If you hadn’t said that it was a [name]Star[/name] Trek name, I would have thought that it was a real name in some culture. It sounds pretty to me. I prefer it to [name]Esther[/name].

I think it’s lovely! I also think Kes (another cute star trek name) would be a great nickname.