I just saw the name ‘[name]North[/name]’ on a topic page, and I was immediatley drawn to the name. I’ve never hear of it before! I think it’s really cool, strong but cute. I love the name [name]Noah[/name] but it is realy popular, so this is a cool alternative. What do you guys think of this name?

I knew a [name]North[/name] growing up. He was a cute, sporty guy and the name has that image for me. Although I never heard of it on anyone else, I don’t remember feeling like it was overtly unusual or rare-seeeming. I think its a winner!

For me, it’s too much of a word to be a name. I’d feel the same about a South, a [name]West[/name] or an [name]East[/name], to be honest!

I honestly think of [name]Oliver[/name] [name]North[/name], not a great connotation :slight_smile: