Not Necessarily Names

Hey, does anyone want to exchange email addresses so we can talk about other things along with names? I do, but I don’t want to give out my email address on the Nameberry site. Does anyone have a good idea for how to exchange each other’s email addresses?

[name]Susan[/name], that sounds nice. As far as sharing goes, I have a dummy address my students use to turn in assignments; it’s already spammed like crazy, so I don’t mind giving it out. Maybe anyone interested could send me an email and give me permission to give out their addy to other known posters? [name]Just[/name] an idea…

Maybe a member’s page is what we need. Other members can message their email adress and only that member can view their messages once they’ve logged in…

That would be neat, mine is at the bottom of the left sidebar on the main page of my blog:

[name]Feel[/name] free to email me!

Maybe a system in which we can send a private message to other members? Some of the other forums that I’ve been to have a feature like that.

it would be cool if we could have profiles and/or an inbox to send messages. Also, a forum for just general discussion would be nice.

What’s your dummy address? I will send you an email.