Not sure what to do!! Having baby Friday

I am having my baby on Friday!! I have four girls and we are expecting our first boy so we are very excited. My girls have very traditional names but we are thinking of using [name]Carlos[/name] for a boy. The name is Spanish in origin but we are not. We are not hispanic at all. Should that stop me from using [name]Carlos[/name]?? My girls are all blonde and fair skinned. I really like the name. My husband served in the military and remembered a famous service member [name]Carlos[/name] Hathcock was not hispanic nor were any of his relatives. I am just having second thoughts and looking for opinions.

Personally, I wouldn’t use it. While the name was popular for a while among non-Hispanic families, the general connotation of it now denotes Spanish or Latino heritage. That doesn’t mean you’re barred from using it, it just means there will be certain assumptions made about your family’s heritage because of your son’s name. However, if it’s a family name, then go for it. It’s kind of a neat story to tell.

When I hear [name]Carlos[/name] I immediately think of a darker hispanic boy with big brown eyes, and an open interested, engaging personality. Often a comedian of sorts. (Probably due to The [name]Magic[/name] School Bus’s [name]Carlos[/name])

If your girls are blonde and fair, I’d avoid, because for me it bug me when names don’t fit appearences.
But if you both really love the name, then the ethnicity shouldn’t deter you from it.

If you love it, then use it. You finally get your boy, so get your boy name too!! Lots of names have Spanish origins and they’re used all the time. You shouldn’t be any different. Your son will define his name. People will begin to associate it with him and nothing else. So don’t stress it! Congratulations on your boy! :slight_smile:

I don’t think I’d use it either. It does sound very Hispanic to me. I would be surprised to see a little blonde haired, fair skinned baby with the name [name]Carlos[/name], but of you love it then there’s no real reason you can’t.

I think if you love it-use it! People who are saying no-are saying no because they do not know any blonde [name]Carlos[/name]'s-your boy would be the one people (your family and friends) would think of-when they think of [name]Carlos[/name] in years to come…

I think it also depends on your last name. For example I have a very Irish last name so some of my favorites ethnic names like [name]Francesca[/name] and [name]Natasha[/name] just look odd and out of place. Would putting it in the middle be a good option for you? Or how about [name]Carlin[/name], [name]Karl[/name]/[name]Carl[/name], or [name]Carlson[/name], [name]Carel[/name], [name]Carlisle[/name], something like that?

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I wouldn’t worry about not being Latin. I am not really a huge fan of the name, but if you love it, use it!

Hmm. Well, are you sure the [name]Carlos[/name] your husband knew was not Hispanic in any way? See, plenty of folks from Latin backgrounds have blonde hair and light eyes and fair skin. My concern isn’t the appearance of your child so much (I am married into a Hispanic family that has plenty of fair-skinned, fair-haired members), it’s more that there’s no real connection to the Latino culture in spite of a very Latin-sounding name (and I imagine, like others, that your last name probably doesn’t sound Latin either). It’s not wrong to name your son [name]Carlos[/name], and it’s a nice name, but honestly, even WITH a Latin family of origin, my DH and are skipping most obviously Latin-sounding names because our last name is actually very British sounding, and it just feels weird to us.

I wouldnt use it… [name]Do[/name] you have any back ups?

Maybe as a middle?