Opinions, thoughts, imagery, description of what you think an Odessa would be like?
And most importantly of course, nickname ideas lol (nicknames are a must in my family and I would prefer to have a little bit of control over it before my mom calls my kids something I hate and it sticks :laughing:)

Looking forward to hearing all your thoughts!

Nicknames: Odie, Dess, Dessa, Essie, Dessie/Dessy

I like Odessa! I imagine an Odessa to be strong and energetic as well as feminine. The name gives me warrior-princess vibes, if that makes sense. I think it’s a great choice because it’s easy to spell and pronounce but it’s unusual at the same time. I picture the colors pink, brown, and silver when I think about Odessa. There was a camper at a summer camp I worked at who was named Odessa, and she always wore a pink shirt and had dark hair, which might be where I get this imagery. I think it’s a lovely name!


Odessa is a beautiful and unique name. I think an Odessa would be spunky, flirty and a total badass. I associate this name with red and pink colors along with some subtle whites and greys. For nicknames, my favorite is Essie but I also like Dessa, Dessie, Odie, Dess, Ess and Essa :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I really like Odessa. For me it brings to mind the city in Ukraine, which has a rich history and is (in my mind) a positive association. It also has a pretty sound and reminds of Odette and Vanessa. To me, Odessa comes across as artistic and bohemian.

For nicknames, Dessa and Dessie came to mind first. I also thought of Essie and Essa.


Odessa gives me queenly vibes and imagery of mountains and oceans. It’s bold and brilliant

Dessie would be my go to nickname but there’s also Essie, Dessa, Odie, Edie and Dodie

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@EagleEyes thank you that was a beautiful description and makes me like the name even more and I’m so glad to know someone has heard it on someone in real life!

@mommymarina oh good! I also get spunky but feminine vibes from this name

@choupette oh bohemian vibes are perfect! I’ll he raising my children on a homestead in the Appalachian mountains so that makes me feel really good about using it

@Greyblue (your suggestion of nn Dex is still my favorite but my sibling is going by Dex now and I can’t take that from them) thank you for that imagery of “bold and brilliant” that really makes me like the name even more

And as far as nns I am really liking:
Odie, Edie and Dessa


Odessa is so lovely. It sounds light and ethereal, like a fairytale name, along the lines of Aurora, Elowen, Isolde, Seraphina… Yet I 100% agree with @EagleEyes on the “warrior princess” vibes. And I definitely get the majestic imagery of nature that @Greyblue was talking about.

I like the name in full, but the suggestion of Dess would make a super cute nn!


@elanorelle i really do too and you know what I might actually like this name enough to just use it and deal with whatever my mom ends up calling her :laughing:

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I love Odessa! I imagine she’s calm, quiet, and thoughtful, as well as fiercely passionate about everything and everyone she cares about. She fights (and wins) her battles with her words, and there’s some magic, strength, and power behind her always just below the surface. I also associate endlessly snow covered forests, and snowstorms that suddenly appear out of the calm with Odessa.

My favourite nn’s are Essa and Essie.

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