Oh Henry....needs a middle name!

IF this is a boy…I think we are pretty settled on [name]Henry[/name] for a first name. Can you smarties help me with a middle name? These are all family middle names but none of them are overly perfect with [name]Henry[/name]…


Oh and our twin girls are named [name]Klaire[/name] [name]Elizabeth[/name] and [name]Grace[/name] [name]Rose[/name]…

Thanks a bunch!!!

[name]Henry[/name] [name]Louis[/name] would get my vote- handsome and classic like your girls’ names. But the -ee sounding ending to both names (presuming [name]Louis[/name] is proniounced the normal French way) might be too much? In that case I’d go for [name]Henry[/name] [name]Dean[/name] :slight_smile:

Instead of [name]Henry[/name] [name]Royal[/name]… [name]Henry[/name] [name]Noble[/name]? [name]Henry[/name] [name]Loyal[/name]?
Instead of [name]Henry[/name] [name]Louis[/name]… [name]Henry[/name] [name]Luca[/name]? [name]Henry[/name] [name]Lucius[/name]?
Instead of [name]Henry[/name] [name]Dean[/name]… [name]Henry[/name] [name]Deacon[/name]? [name]Henry[/name] [name]Duncan[/name]?

Other ideas…

[name]Henry[/name] [name]Nathaniel[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Dominic[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Nicholas[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Alexander[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Elliot[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Theodore[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Owen[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Oliver[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Benjamin[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Samuel[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Marshall[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Anderson[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Frederick[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Joseph[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]George[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Matthew[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Andrew[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Thomas[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Stephen[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Isaac[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Julian[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Sebastian[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Quentin[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Edward[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Paul[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Sterling[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Philip[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Simon[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Robert[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Blaine[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Levi[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]John[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Maxwell[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Joshua[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Charles[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]David[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Michael[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Patrick[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Jonathan[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Emmett[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Dexter[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Adam[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Evan[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Elijah[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Caleb[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Logan[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Christopher[/name]

It’s pronounced like [name]Lewis[/name]. It reminds me of a singer of some kind??

I would love to see [name]Henry[/name] [name]Louis[/name]! I do love the idea of [name]Klaire[/name] [name]Elizabeth[/name], [name]Grace[/name] [name]Rose[/name], and [name]Henry[/name] [name]Louis[/name] as siblings, though! Now that the pronunciation is cleared up, Henry Louis is by far my favorite, although I do like the idea of Henry Royal! I’m just not sure of flow.

A few other ideas, if you’re not thrilled with family options:

Henry Samuel
Henry Elijah (LOVE this! I’m considering it myself)
Henry Oscar
Henry Oliver
Henry Sebastian
Henry Julian
Henry Caspian

As for Louis reminding you of a singer, it’s probably Louis Tomlinson from the British/Irish boy band, One Direction. They’re pretty much everywhere these days, lol. Louis Armstrong was also known for his trumpet/jazz music…

Good luck!

[name]Leona[/name] [name]Lewis[/name], maybe?

I love [name]Royal[/name], but think it flows the worst out of the 3 options you suggested. [name]Henry[/name] [name]Louis[/name] probably sounds the best, although I’m not a fan of the combo…all sounds a little too dull to me. I think you should “spice it up” a bit with the middle. [name]How[/name] about:

[name]Henry[/name] [name]Noble[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Thatcher[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Oliver[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Owen[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]North[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Beckett[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Levi[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Parker[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Sutton[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Crewe[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]York[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Foster[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Atticus[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Calder[/name]

[name]Henry[/name] is a lovely choice. I think [name]Henry[/name] [name]Louis[/name] works ok.

I like, in order of preference:

[name]Henry[/name] [name]Dean[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Louis[/name]
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Royal[/name]

More than anything this is based on the flow of the names. Good luck!

If baby #3 is a boy, he’ll be [name]Henry[/name], too! [name]Henry[/name] [name]Edmond[/name] or [name]Henry[/name] [name]Macon[/name]. We’ll find out the sex in 12-14 weeks!

Out of your three family names, I prefer [name]Henry[/name] [name]Dean[/name].

I prefer [name]Henry[/name] [name]Dean[/name].

I love [name]Henry[/name] [name]Louis[/name]!

[name]Love[/name] [name]Henry[/name] [name]Louis[/name]. That gets my vote!

[name]Henry[/name] [name]Louis[/name] sounds the best to me - I think it sounds lovely with your daughters’ classic names!